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  1. Looks like both Brockermeyer's have been fonged. I can't tell to who due to the pay wall, but my guess is Bama...
  2. Are there any that have indicated they will NOT sign tomorrow?
  3. They could be full at corner but if Ringo wants in you take him.
  4. I read those too. The people that believe that stuff are blindly just following the herd. It's so obvious tOSU fans are making that stuff up. With that being said... Can't wait for 2:00 PM tomorrow
  5. Yes, he would even go on the Texas site (On TFB) and talk crap on UT. Incredibly unprofessional, imo.
  6. If he can catch a ball like that sign him up!
  7. Between Ringo and Flowe do we have any shot at either?
  8. Lol if I had a dollar for every time I misread something I would have a hell of a down payment on my wife's dream home! I understand
  9. Drayton won't lose his job as long as the RB's are producing. That's probably where we have to separate recruiting stars from production. At the end of the day production is all that matters
  10. We have 3 scholarship QB's this year (Sam, Casey, & Roch).
  11. Welcome to Horn Sports. Please feel free to browse around and get to know the others. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask.

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