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  1. It seemed like last year everyone was pointing to 2021 as being a big class. I never checked into it until now and now that I have, I am not sure where anyone got that idea. It does seem like 2022 and 23 will be bigger classes as we have a lot of Juniors (20) and Sophomores (22). All that to say, numbers always seem to work out as @texbound pointed out.
  2. Class numbers for 2021 have been mentioned on this thread several times without a really clear answer. I do remember hearing that this class would be a "full" class previously but agree with those who say this class will likely be a bit smaller. According to the roster table on Inside Texas (https://insidetexas.com/football/football.php?pg=fb_roster) all 85 scholarships are used up going into the 2020 season (this table doesn't include Tarik Black or Jadhae Barron so I think a few former walk-ons will lose schollies). Including Tarik Black, there will be 12 seniors graduating and opening
  3. Any insight into what happened with these guys? Both seemed to be good kids so it is a bit surprising.
  4. A&M has done well with some of the in state elite and has 3 of the top 5 in the 247 composite and could have 4/5 with Evans. After that, you have to go all the way down to number 37 in state for their next commit. Texas has 12 (13 with Collins) between number 5 and 37. So, while A&M hit on some elite players, the top to bottom quality isn't quite the same. We would love to have Jaylon Jones and Demas but I don't think any Longhorn is worried about replacing Evans with Bijan or having Card and Jackson at QB instead of Haynes King. I agree with the article, No, Texas isn't wo
  5. I wouldn't even say that. Looking at the transcript, it was a leading question regarding there not being AC. He did not confirm nor deny that but did mention he was warned about it by La Tech. We now know that what he was warned about was it getting a little warm despite the AC so bring some extra. It is really the media that is full of it. They took a leading question and a poorly worded response and wrote about it like fact.
  6. Here is the transcript from the press conference that started all this mess. I'll say that it was a poorly worded/leading question with a slightly poorly worded response followed by a lot of crappy journalism that led to a firestorm of stories that really amount to discuss an A/C problem most of us deal with in the summer. Q. Can you talk about any hydration problem you had Saturday? Rumors were running around that there was no air conditioning in the dressing room. Can you set stuff straight? ED ORGERON: First of all, I called Louisiana Tech, and they told us about it. So we did some t
  7. Case close thankfully. I posted elsewhere about this. And to be fair Coach O never stated the AC wasn't working. He was asked in his Monday conference about the heat and rumors that AC wasn't working. He replied with 'we were warned about it by La Tech, brought our own units, etc...' His response didn't dispel the rumors but also didn't confirm. Seems like he was told that the locker room would get a little warm (much like my house being 80 degrees despite AC set to 74).
  8. I think we may be done at LB. Would gladly welcome a flip from Josh White but we are not actively pursuing any LBs that we have a chance with. We seem somewhat thin at the position currently but have a lot of young guys who will be coming up through the system in the next few years. Probably a few that redshirt this year so we will have plenty of options going forward.
  9. We are in New Orleans where we have pretty consistent water issues. I'm thinking about having the gutters drain mostly towards the front of the property that is clearly graded towards the street in front of the house.
  10. @Sirhornsalot what is your advice for a lawn that is holding water after rain? We went by our new house after a rain storm and noted that the backyard was holding water in several spots. We are surrounded by neighbors on all sides back there so can't really drain it away from the backyard (unless we redirected towards our house). There is a strip of concrete back there (no idea why) that we plan to remove and we will add gutters to the house.
  11. Transferred to Trinity Valley CC and is now at Syracuse https://www.rotoworld.com/college-football/nfl-draft/player/39350/reggie-hemphill-mapps
  12. @TexCoyote watch for Jerrin Thompson to potentially drop.
  13. I wish it wasn't but seems the Foster info was off. Where did you hear that?
  14. Saw that. Some other media members have been mentioning it too. What's the thought on Stone vs. Milroe. Stone looks quite incredible on tape IMO, but I've heard whispers of behind the scene type of things. Milroe is great is in his own right, and may even be a better fit for our offense.

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