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  1. LOTS of smoke from UW board on PK. Big time news if so!!
  2. Word on the street is Tarik Black’s in the dog house. Anyone know why?
  3. So Shemar doesn’t visit Aggie like he did us and now he’s an Aggie lean??
  4. That’s the rumor going around. He’s definitely got some skills and has ‘tude. No idea if it’s true, but he’d bring some moxie to the room.
  5. That'd be awesome. Appreciate what you do already, but seeing them in one place would be amazing. Either way, thanks!
  6. TFloss-- you have any idea the tally of offers so far? I think I read we've doubled the number we had this time last year.
  7. Dang...sorry to hear that man. Keep your chin up brother. Thinking good thoughts for you.
  8. No doubt. We should be better across the board. I think for the first time in a while we’ll be underrated going into the season. We should be playing with a chip on our shoulder. 2020 will be better than any THC team thus far.
  9. Agree. If you look at Collin's recruitment, it was never in the bag 'til fairly late in the recruiting cycle. No one knows what they'll do for sure, but this is far from over. Throwing in the towel now is premature.
  10. Nick Harris had a live feed. Popped a balloon not much different from our gender reveal party.
  11. While I do see aUTfan's point, I follow recruiting for this exact reason...seeing how our class is measuring up to other programs. THC will have upperclassmen which he recruited and we'll get to see first-hand what his body of work yields. My hope and anticipation is we'll see a paradigm shift in the narrative about our program next season.
  12. Direct response to losing out on guys late this year???
  13. Some kids just would rather be in a smaller town. But, I get it.
  14. Baylor, I'm assuming??? It just seemed he was looking for a reason to not come.
  15. https://twitter.com/d1princely/status/1224198119807684615?s=21
  16. Didn’t see the CB by Suchomel, but, unfortunately did see a Missouri CB from varsity preps. Maybe I’m not looking in the right place???
  17. Someone said he might be hanging around the tower...not sure.
  18. Funny how I'm always looking at how enthusiastic their horns up appear. Based off his...he's limping in on this one...I'm giving us about a 57% chance.

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