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  1. I agree. He feels like the kind of press corner we need. He's physical and has an aggressiveness you like to see. Eaton feels more like a safety to me.
  2. Funny, cos SHA just beat me to it. I had the same link pasted and erased the sec i saw his post.
  3. It's sad, but common for accomplished athletes to take work elsewhere since there are only so many jobs avail here. Timing is everything and this could be a great synergy for both Okam and us, if he is coming to our side.
  4. Is Aggie easier to get into than GA?? They seem to be comparable, no??
  5. There’s always hope, but no one is expected to surprise us. Ringo to UGA. LV to ASU. McGlothern to LSU. Collins is waiting til feb and we’re favored by some insiders.
  6. It means that nothing is never what it seems.
  7. He has a pinned tweet that says he’s 110% committed to UT. It’s been there since 6/3/18. Not sure if that’s what he’s referring to.
  8. Not happening. I'm assuming (hoping) you're referring to the Jake is NOT leaving part?
  9. A CB just came in for Collins. Coincidence?
  10. At the time, that seemed to be the case. But, he's "big" in the sense of need. I also thought is SR tape was impressive. Great hands and quick first step.
  11. He played, but no targets. I thought I saw him celebrating with someone on one of our TDs. Not sure tho.
  12. Good point. Well, if it's someone other than Collins, my money's on Princely or LV.
  13. Well, hopefully Yurcich can keep work some magic. He would be a tough loss.
  14. I agree. "Giddy" doesn't make sense for McGlothern imo, but that really depends on how well you know your buddy. It's either someone who we thought we had a low % on or someone not at all on our radar. Here's who I'd get giddy over... -Ringo, Collins, LV, Princely, Kelvontay
  15. Dang SHA...wen't from elated to wah wah in the span of 5 min. Losing Jake would suck considering he'd be getting the lion's share next year...unless he's just homesick and want's to join the ASU movement that's going on right now. Which leads me to Bunkley-Shelton as a possible "big".
  16. Me thinks Ringo would qualify as a "big" surprise, no?
  17. Great intel! Thanks for sharing. This win was exactly what the doctor ordered. Now just need to lock down these last few.
  18. Working with the enemy is a heavy accusation, so either someone was pissed off enough to run with it, true or not, or it has legs. Either way, it’s a shame.
  19. Being an a-hole I’ve heard numerous times, but tipping off the other team??? This is the first I’m hearing of this. Talk about mutiny at its worst. Why the hell would he do that?? That’s death to a coach’s future so color me skeptical.
  20. Orrrrr...it's a huge conspiracy. Or maybe he just wanted to play somewhere that was consistently winning.
  21. I expected us to be better as well, but this is what I was referring to... https://247sports.com/LongFormArticle/Texas-Longhorns-2019-season-predictions-Sam-Ehlinger-Tom-Herman-133529980/#133529980_1
  22. By no means am I defending Herman, but Brown didn't exactly light the world on fire in his first few years. Remember those middling Holiday Bowls?? We were a bit spoiled by last year and everyone expected us to regress this year and we have done exactly that. More creativity on offense and some maturity on defense and we should expect a better team next year, but the pressure is on. Can Herman play the big dog role??? So far, it's not looking good, but I'm willing to give the coach a little more time.
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