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    Zachary reacted to drgilbert in 2021 Recruiting Board/Thread   
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    Zachary reacted to TexExSpur in Coaching Changes, Rumors, Misc.   
    OSU offered Ash, he chose Texas.
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    Zachary reacted to Sirhornsalot in Coaching Changes, Rumors, Misc.   
    Sounds like both
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    Zachary reacted to primal defense in Coaching Changes, Rumors, Misc.   
    Is this a face you can trust?

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    Zachary reacted to primal defense in 2020 Recruiting Board/Thread   
    Rivals has Bijan as the 14th rated player and the #1 RB in the country.
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    Zachary reacted to drgilbert in Coaching Changes, Rumors, Misc.   
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    Zachary reacted to primal defense in 2020 Recruiting Board/Thread   
    Thank goodness some good news. Stan Drayton keeps his job.
    CHANDLER, Ariz. — As one door closes, another one opens.
    Five-star running back Bijan Robinson played his final game for Salpointe Catholic High School on Friday night, a 24-16 loss in the semifinals of Arizona’s highest division. Door closed.
    But Robinson’s playing days as a Longhorn have just begun. Door open.
    “It’s a blessing to have that,” Robinson said of his future in Austin.
    “It’s been great being with (my high school) team. They’ve helped me get to Texas and get this far. It’s a blessing to be going to the college level and playing up there.”
    But how — and why — exactly did Robinson choose Texas?
    After all, he is ranked as the No. 22 overall prospect in ESPN’s top 300 for the class of 2020. The 6-foot, 200-pound running back had offers from the likes of Alabama, LSU, Ohio State, Oklahoma and Texas A&M, to name a few.
    But that’s when Stan Drayton — UT’s associate head coach, running backs coach and run game coordinator — won over the young prospect in recruiting, as Robinson committed to Texas in early August.
    “What coach Drayton has done in these past years — he’s a big reason why I chose Texas,” Robinson said.
    “How he is as a man and how he loves the Lord and serves God with everything — that’s what drove me over to Texas. That’s what I think for other kids; find the right fit for your coaching staff and then for yourself.”
    Robinson is also regarded by some in Arizona as perhaps the greatest running back prospect to ever come out of the state. The five-star recruit is Arizona’s all-time leader in career rushing yards with 7,036.
    He totaled 8,440 all-purpose yards over his high school career, 7,673 of which came over the past three years. The running back surpassed the 2,000-yard rushing mark in each of those three seasons, the last of which included nearly 400 receiving yards. As a senior, he averaged more than 250 all-purpose yards per game.
    “They do a lot of things with the running back position,” Robinson said of the Longhorns’ offensive scheme. “They can put (running backs) out at slot or even run in the trenches, go outside. They do a lot of things that I’ve been here for the last four years, so I’ll have that over there.”
    Robinson is not content with just making it “over there,” either. He wants to take full advantage of his opportunity to play at the college level, and not just on the football field.
    “I want to progress as a man and as a player, then everything will take care of itself,” Robinson said of what he wants to accomplish in Austin.
    “I know Texas is in the struggle right now, but I just have to keep working hard for myself, and then when I get up there, put in as much work as I did here.”
    Unfortunately for Texas fans, they will have to wait until after spring ball to see Robinson hit the practice field for the first time. The future Longhorn will not be able to make the move to Austin until the summer due to his high school’s policy that does not allow for early graduation.
    But that didn’t stop Robinson from sending a message to the Longhorns faithful.
    “I’m a great person — I know football speaks for itself — I can do a lot of things on the football field,” he said.
    “But off the field — how I handle myself and how I’m a loving person for everybody — that’s what they should know about me.
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    Zachary reacted to Baron in 2020 Recruiting Board/Thread   
    Why is this spilling over to a recruiting thread? I get it, you're pissed. So am I, But lets not litter a recruiting thread with anti Herman posts.
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    Zachary reacted to Sirhornsalot in 2020 Recruiting Board/Thread   
    So he's gone then. lol
    Brainiacs saying Pouncey may be talking with Florida.
    Fillinger is talking with Utah.
    This must be what aggy feels like every year during decommit season.
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    Zachary reacted to MikeV73 in ***The Official Longhorn Frenzy Dedication Thread***   
    Mond looks NFL bound?  Ok.
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    Zachary reacted to TFloss32 in 2020 Recruiting Board/Thread   
    From Mike Roach at 247, he's reporting DE Vernon Broughton is on track to be an early enrollee.
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    Zachary reacted to Sirhornsalot in 2020 Recruiting Board/Thread   
    I'm hearing Josh Eaton is trending OU. Apparently, visit made strong impression on him.
    Princely was unfazed by the visit. Still strong to Texas.
    Seems to be playing out like it was intended. 
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    Zachary reacted to shotime73 in ***The Official Longhorn Frenzy Dedication Thread***   
    I kid you guys not today. I was at work today and a guy who was checking out the hotel was wearing an A&M shirt. He graduated from A&M . So I asked him if he was at the Auburn/A&M game. He gave me a evil look and said he was embarrassed and pissed at the same time. Then he forgot something in his room they had to reactivate his key to get back in the room. Sooo Lord behold the room that I cleaned that the guy stayed in apparently changed shirts and I wished I would've took a picture of it because it was too funny. He changed shirts from an A&M shirt to a crown royal shirt
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    Zachary reacted to Slimer in 2021 Recruiting Board/Thread   
    Perroni with a not so good article for aggy about Donovan Jackson after the game.  Jackson basically said aggy crowd wasn't loud and OL run game was disappointing.  Perroni says he's also noticing what Texas OL is doing.  I think we know how this ends.
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    Zachary reacted to Slimer in 2021 Recruiting Board/Thread   
    Rumor of a recruiting chat with a lot of 21' recruits in it and they clown on Jimbo and make fun of the aggy strength program because everybody ends up bloating and fat.  Guys like Adeleye and Donovan Jackson are supposedly in it.
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    Zachary reacted to okiehorn in *****TEXAS vs. OKLAHOMA STATE GAME THREAD*****   
    Speaking of bad defenses. And I can say whatever the hell I want 🤗
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    Zachary reacted to PTA in ***The Official Longhorn Frenzy Dedication Thread***   
    But what about S-E-C, S-E-C, S-E-C?
  18. Haha
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    Zachary reacted to DClonghornsfan in 2020 Recruiting Board/Thread   
    Troy Omeire is committed 

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    Zachary reacted to Aaron Carrara in 2020 Recruiting Board/Thread   
    Huge get by Texas at WR.  Came out of left field.
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    Zachary reacted to Sirhornsalot in 2020 Recruiting Board/Thread   
    Jordan is an unknown. Kate's made an appearance for him, but last I heard his mom was sick and unfortunately the "C" word is involved. When things are better, he'll pull the trigger. Just don't know when that will be. He is doing the right thing though.
    Collins, I've heard, is having second thoughts about extending the recruitment. So it could happen tomorrow. Next week. Next month. I just haven't heard any more than that.
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    Zachary reacted to TexCoyote in 2020 Recruiting Board/Thread   
    Texas Recruiting just tweeted the big eye balls with the caption “brace yourself” 
    maybe we are about to have another drop
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    Zachary reacted to TheContractor in 2020 Recruiting Board/Thread   
    looks like Garth tore his ACL and meniscus, out for the year for sure. will be good for him to get a RS next year also. 
  24. Haha
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    Zachary reacted to Sirhornsalot in 2020 Recruiting Board/Thread   
    Okay, spoke to my friend this evening. Lots of good stuff.
    – The recent run on commits is enabling the staff to circle back and revisit some other recruitments that most think/thought are lost. Namely White (LSU) and Jaxon (OSU) and another OSU commit named Ransom. All three are very much in play, despite the commitments. Staff is trying to get them in for visits. Ransom is a name I didn't expect to be on this list, but he is.
    – Two things he's very excited about . . BOTH lines. The OL is working more like a machine, mistakes are greatly reduced from the past years and we're moving people. The DL is young, feisty, and big. Coburn is a monster. We have big guys on the ends who can fly for their size.
    – Injuries are starting to worry staff. So far, damage is minimal but it could get worse. They will not change their practice intensity despite the injuries.
    – Said Casey Thompson is quietly coming along. Said he's not ready now, but isn't so far off. Encouraged by the improvement, just since camp began.
    – Junior Angilau is the talk of the OL. He outworks everybody and is sharp. Shows leadership.
    – I asked about our defense. He agreed that he thinks we do have our fastest defense is some time. But also said we're more experienced than some would think. He said just because they haven't started much doesn't mean they haven't gained experience.
    – Thinks we'll land another one this coming Friday.
    Thats it for now.
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