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  1. I thought you guys would appreciate this 2020 recruiting aggy logic.
  2. I 100% agree. He’s been successful every he’s been a DC and his area of expertise is the secondary. Perfect hire IMO.
  3. Perhaps they're thinking of Ty Jordan as more of a multi-use kind of guy?
  4. Jake Smith is about to get some reps. Also, I've read that Roschon is getting some reps at RB too. Fast, shifty, and 6'2" and 220 lbs. Sounds like a RB to me!
  5. No, it wasn’t. See my comment above. I was at the high school when it happened.
  6. I played with GJ at Canton before he transferred to Gilmer. Our coach (his dad) was shot before our junior year, but he came back to coach us junior year. After that season, GJ transferred to Gilmer and his dad got a job at Baylor if I remember right. A receiver from Canton tried to transfer to Gilmer with him and got denied by the UIL. He played at a private school senior year and ended up winning a TAPPS state championship in 2006. So, with the Demas situation, if he ends up going to a TAPPS school, he can still play even after losing UIL eligibility.
  7. That's what I've read everywhere.
  8. Keaontay looks big. https://twitter.com/justinwells2424/status/1157337979708309504?s=20
  9. I'd be very happy with him and Johnston. Johnston is a great replacement for missing on Wilson.
  10. Just got to watch Jerrin Thompson’s tape. Not the fastest/twitchiest guy (still fast), but great instincts and probably the most aggressive safety I’ve watched this year. Super explosive on contact.
  11. Based on film, Karic is my favorite OL commit of this class.
  12. Exactly. I would've voted aggy in the poll because of these reasons. Even my arky friends hate aggy more than Texas because of their baseless pride in a program that's done nothing in my lifetime.
  13. I'll be very sad if Overshown doesn't see the field a lot. He's our other 5-star recruit from last year.
  14. Yes, but he held his own against Clemson's DL. I'm most interested in him than any other grad transfer OL. He may not be prototypical, but he is very, very good.
  15. Very true. Totally blanked that Sam is a Soph. Made me happy.
  16. Their starter is coming back for this season, but he has to sit a year anyways. Everybody's saying he'd be on track to compete for a starting job in 2020, but he'd be able to do that here too.
  17. Rising is visiting Utah this weekend. I think he's most likely to leave and we'll keep Thompson. I'm fine with that. I think Thompson is the underrated of the two and fits Herman's style a little better.
  18. He's also listed as an ATH and he played a lot of RB.
  19. Here's how you respond to a playoff snub. http://www.espn.com/college-football/game?gameId=400610182 Stop making excuses. Texas just beat Georgia. You don't go from averaging 250 yards rushing a game to 72 because "you don't care."
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