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  1. Looking like they’ll get Georgia and Florida added to their schedule. Two more losses
  2. If Yurcich actually calls the offense and it resembles what he’s done in the past, Hudson card will start for 3-4 years. If it has more Herman influence with QB power as a staple then Jackson will be the choice IMO. I personally think the offense should focus more on the qb’s ability to throw accurately and push the ball downfield more so than gaining tough yards and ball control. To Me Hudson Card allows that more than the others.
  3. Herman needs to win this year. No blunders. Not taking points when available is a no no, sometimes 3 pts is better than trying to force your will and choking on it. No taking the foot off the gas pedal, score, score more and get backups some game time. I’m anxious to see what Ash brings to the table. I’m hoping his philosophy is different than Orlando’s
  4. The open wound that is Texas OL Recruiting needs no salt
  5. Somehow the UIL is finding a way to turn this into a money maker. It isn’t strictly due to amounts of folks gathering up. I’ve been to Carthage games with 15,000+ in attendance in a non district game. Heck at the smaller venues the crowds of 1500-2000 are elbow to elbow. There’s no 6’ apart. I can’t put my finger on it, but Uil is thinking about something other than safety because this makes no sense to me
  6. Most likely he’ll get recruited over and grad transfer after 3 years
  7. the topic was cross training vs depth. We don’t have depth plain and simple, we have numbers It’s because we end up taking more project OL than we should out of necessity. Not factual be cause it’s not what I said. Yes we take 4* kids, but we take 3’s as well. Hoping the 3’s pan out over a 3 year development doesn’t build you depth. Landing guys like walker Little and Brockermeyer is how you build depth. Guys like them can be ready so much quicker than a Reese Moore who was a TE in HS, Willie Tyler who knows how far he’s behind due to playing Juco, Mikey Grandy - where is he now?, Christian Jones who might play in his third year, etc..... Texas has missed on guys who could’ve played as Redshirt freshmen on a 2nd unit and been productive. Instead we’re still moving guys around because the ones we took are still developing. Herman has got to land these guys moving forward to build true depth.
  8. Only a select few get offered to lose 5 games a year on average. Boy that’ll draw them in.
  9. That’s 2 that Texas settled for while Better/others left the state.
  10. Quote me where I said anything about a 3 deep at Texas. I said a complete 2nd unit. yes, you should cross train for effectiveness and emergency, but you recruit for depth. Taking 3* kids every year and helping you have a hit rate of 100% just have depth is what Texas has been doing and so far they don’t have depth. They’re still having to cross train out of necessity instead of luxury. Hand is a good teacher of the craft, but evidently we’re getting worked over on the recruiting trail. The Brockermeyer kids weren’t supposed to go anywhere else, but TE as’ lack of being able to recruit those kinds are still showing up. Those boys were silver platter Legacy recruits, just lie to the dad about the lesser talent. You’ve got to land the one. Sometimes the other brother pans out like D’onta foreman. Do you think Saban told him the truth about what he saw in the one? Hell naw, he offered both and said they both were worthy. but I’m living in a palace? That’s funny. Meanwhile Stanford, Bama and others are taking the best linemen in Texas annually. Asking for 10 guys that can play isn’t a stretch if you land the best in your back yard.
  11. Just like a backup qb needs More than victory formation, a coach has to find opportunities to get experience for his 2nd unit OL. Spring ball, summer workouts, fall practices, season practices, and 4 games towards a redshirt is enough to gain experience. as far as a 2nd unit OL, letting guys like T Brock go out of state is killing that. Constantly taking 3-4 projects every year is killing the depth, especially when some end up transferring out like JP Urguidiz, Peyton Aucoin, and a few others.
  12. My point is it’s masking depth by saying OL John can kick out and do this, but in reality if OL John breaks a leg your lack of depth is exposed. Saying cross training is building depth is fools gold, plain and simple.
  13. To me, cross training doesn’t build depth. It helps you out in an emergency. If you’re having to move your RG (He starting there for a reason)out to RT, you just put a weaker person in at RG and playing a person out of natural position at RT. Two negatives don’t create a positive. Depth is where you have a full 2 deep without much drop off and can play your 2’s in tougher games with confidence. That’s having depth. We, Texas fans, have just gotten so used to not having depth at OL we’ve told ourselves that cross training really works we have bodies that are developing at the moment. We are building depth. You do that quicker by not letting legacy 5* OT’s leave the state
  14. Getting tired of seeing top talent leave the state and Tom not even making them think twice
  15. Barnes could still coach. Smart still can’t. His guys are just getting hot and getting shots to fall. When they go cold again he’ll be exposed again. His teams live and die by the jump shot.
  16. So who would actually pick this guy up? Is he quick enough to play FCS level football?
  17. Last year it was in the NIT. This year it’s right at the end of conference play. Every year they hit a little hot streak and look ok. You still have to look at the rest of the season. He was the coach when they sucked then too. It’s time to part ways. He could win the NIT, or they could actually get in the ncaa tournament and go to the sweet 16. He still needs to go. Look at the entirety of what he’s done at Texas. That shouldn’t be the standard. Texas fires Rick Barnes for being a better coach than Smart
  18. Thoughts and prayers for you and your family
  19. The 9-0 start is no indication of this how average this team really is. Just like tonight and this past weekend, against better competition they’ll be a .500 ball club. I just don’t think this lineup is very good. There are some good pieces, but not enough
  20. They love it but don’t full understand it. That’s what gets me
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