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  1. One drive it took the same play 4 times to get in.
  2. I used to really believe what 247 posted. Since their merger they’re bad to guess
  3. Go back and watch the games again. Certain formations meant certain plays. Orgeron even said in post game he knew exactly what play they were running on goal line. That didn’t stop after game 2. If O knew it don’t you think the coaches of the Big12 picked up on it. Just by seeing the alignment of the RB I could guess the plays some. If an average Joe can see it at home don’t you think good coaches see those tendencies? OU sent more than Texas could block a bunch of times. Sam held onto the ball a lot that game. Some of the blame can be placed at his feet. The offense was top 20Ish in yards and points per game as well as total yards. To me the OL improved a ton over last year. The issue to me was the uncreative playcalling at inopportune times. I wanted Herman fired already. The issues with this team were the awful Playcalling or maybe I should say inconsistency of the playcalling. You’d see three perfect drives followed by 4 bad ones with head scratching calls. The choice to go for so many 4th downs doesn’t bother me too much but the simplistic and obvious plays they ran were the issue most times. The fact that Beck was retained as OC after losing playcalling duties in year one was telling of Herman’s loyalty. the defense is a different story imo. as I said I wanted Herman fired. However, the way this shook out may be the harsh humbling experience he needed to help with his arrogance. As a fan of Texas football I will stand behind him and hope he rights the ship. He’s been given the opportunity to do so and has a great AD guiding him. I guess I shall wait and see
  4. Glad he’s not rushing such important hires.
  5. When the opposing defense knows what you’re doing......
  6. “Just hire the one that says yes”. These hires will prove to be the most important made under CDC’s tenure. I can bet he’s on top of things. I say don’t give up on the one you really want. We recruit players to the very end (nsd1) but give up quick on a coach in the name of recruiting players.
  7. The media outlets don’t know. You shouldn’t get your panties twisted up over their reports.
  8. It’s not just Herman or what he wants. Kirby Smart coached the playoffs as the Bama DC before being announced as the Georgia HC. Many coaches coach their bowl games before leaving. Many don’t. if you demanded your candidate quit that day, he may not accept the job. I’m sure that stuff is talked about in the interview. Some men have a bit of loyalty to the current coach that gave them the opportunity they’re currently in. Herman May be a prick, but I believe if Harrell is the choice and he said he owed it to Helton to coach the USC bowl game, I believe Herman should and would honor that wish.
  9. If you truly want the candidate you have to honor their requests if they make it.
  10. You do realize it’s not necessarily what Herman wants. The chosen candidates could say they’ll be ready to announce after their current teams bowls. That’s most likely the scenario. If it’s Harrell it’ll be announced after USC’s bowl game
  11. I did say I assume. No they don’t know. If they are truly considering Texas then you can only think they can wait or go somewhere else. Most kids know that the coach that recruits them could possibly not be there their entire Time in college. Those that are waiting have two opportunities to sign. If Herman doesn’t have the staff in place by NSD1, there’s always Feb
  12. Then I assume they wouldn’t mind waiting. They will not be announced until after their bowl games have been played
  13. We won’t hear who it is until he’s coached his current team’s bowl game. Whoever he is
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