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  1. Just because somebody was interviewed for the job doesn’t mean they were offered. Panning could’ve went back with out an offer, but felt really good about the interview. Good enough that his agent and Kirby got him a raise. There doesn’t have to be an offer for leverage to be had
  2. Why hire a coach that within a year may have a show clause on him...,pure stupidity
  3. Thompson never saw the field because Herman kept games close. He’d take his foot off the gas at times and not get young guys in. Also I feel like at times they tried to force the ball downfield trying to build stats for Sam in hopes of setting him up for a Heisman race. That was early season. It was odd seeing 4 verticals when it was 3rd and 4, but it’s the only explanation I can think of. Or they hoped he’d run it. Oh well. It sounds like sark wants to be aggressive. That’ll be a breath of fresh air.
  4. I just want to see the best players in the field. If we start winning then recruiting will take care of itself
  5. Because big time programs have never lied to a “coach in waiting” before??? Ask Muschamp about that.
  6. I don’t get the hate for Ingram. He’s been a solid player.. yes there’s been a handful of plays he’s messed up, but look back at the plays he made that helped to win games
  7. His defense gave up 35 points to a 3-2 UCLA team

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