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  1. Practicing hard on Tuesday broke bones, dislocated shoulders and gave concussions in games on Saturday. Got it
  2. Evidently this Aggie hasn’t been to college station. Hot girls would be the last reason you pick that shithole hole
  3. And teach Roschon to pick up blitzes from the middle.
  4. So you prefer a laid back atmosphere where you don’t prepare for physical games?
  5. I just don’t think their offense is as dynamic with Hurts. Kansas got pressure on him and he took sacks. If they stay in the 3 man front I hope they go dime package and let Foster spy hurts
  6. They do run the plays that best suit them, but the defense caught onto it Saturday. Watching Texas football overdrive I noticed Johnson got the counter play a couple times early and he lost yards too. Seems like the wvu DL was well coached for when they saw the pull. They blew it up almost everytime. Neither back is showing to be elite. Both are good and better than serviceable. I can’t agree that Johnson is the better back. The fact we have two to argue over makes me happy.
  7. A. What do you mean? Run the correct plays? Ingram was getting the counter, trap and pull blocks. The wVU DL was shooting the gaps on it when they saw it. Johnson does finish well. Both are good backs and I’m proud to have both. Neither need 2:1 carries, the playcalling just needs to mix up the plays/personnel. If people watching on TV know what running play is next don’t you think a college DC can figure it out. B. Missed tackles are killing this defense. But so is the lack of pass rush and inability of some to play the ball. C. No way do you take the snap from Sam. Every play on offense should run through him. Two back sets would be a nice change to see. CJ9 on the field would take a safety out of the middle of the field. A few 5 wide sets would be a tip of the scale in Texas favor, as long as it doesn’t include the RB’s. If young enters the game, it needs to be as a blocking back
  8. It’s not too tough, just jump on them early and they’ll leave. For a crowd that brags on being the best fans, they are easily dissuaded. They need to drop the trademark on the 12thman man and let somebody else use it
  9. Johnson being 10x the better back is crazy. Good? Yes. There’s a reason Ingram starts though. If you watched the game you’d notice there’s a different set of plays ran when the different backs are in. Evidently the WVU DC knee this too as their DL slanted the gaps on the pull and got the RB (Ingram) in the backfield. Johnson gets to get a full head of steam behind drive blocks. Ingram is asked to use his patience and let the blocks develop for those plays. Their DL evidently was schooled on what to look for when I gram was in the game. To me that is on our playcalling. Teams have already picked up on the 3rd and short route combos as well. That’s why DD hasn’t been as effective on the short stuff on third and short. The defensive ive backs aren’t pathetic. The lack of pressure by a 3 man front makes them cover longer than necessary. Any defensive backfield would struggle in that setup. Earlier Orlando was blitzing like crazy and leaving the middle wide open. Are we DBU? Heck no, but we’re closer to good than we are to sucking as some would believe. The one thing our dbs need to fix is looking for the ball to make a play. They’re typically in good position, just lack ball awareness. I think our scheme needs fixed before we blame talent. Our issues as a whole are fixable. They’re coaching issues if you ask me. Also, Aside from a few trick plays here and there the offensive playcalling has been vanilla and to our strengths. Texas is using their talent advantage and strength to beat teams they should beat. I believe you’ll see stuff you haven’t seen come Saturday. I bet you see two back sets with misdirection. Look for Whittington to get some action
  10. Jimbo has already rec’d his retirement package, guaranteed $75Million.
  11. Vanderbilt, Kentucky, Tennessee, South Carolina, ole miss, miss state and Arkansas too
  12. Bless their hearts. It’s like they make stuff up and then actually believe it.
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