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  1. I think Orlando is fine, our problem is poor tackling and getting caught watching the play instead of watch assignments. There is no way QB runs should kill us like they have the past 2 weeks. Additionally, and I know people will say officiating doesn’t affect good teams, but we continue to get screwed week in and week out on blown or missed calls. We get a big play and I bet 88% of the people here look to the bottom right to see if a yellow box appears. That sort of crap needs to cease!
  2. Johnson was manhandled by AJ Green? Hmm...I didn’t quite see it that way. And I’m really Trying hard not to be a homer. So i’ll Just say the I wish the games were officiated right down the middle. Hopefully that won’t offend the “good teams win despite bad/non-calls” crowd.
  3. We have played like crap, but these phantom holds, non called holds and Cornelius “NOT getting the ball over the pylon” touchdowns are definitely playing a huge factor of this game.
  4. At least Texas is playing all D-1 schools, unlike many other programs. If I see another Baylor vs Incarnate Word or Alabama vs South Carolina State, I might just scream.
  5. I think it was a decent officiating job, however the timing of our holding calls was the catalyst for the OU comeback. We held, no doubt, but there were holds being committed on both teams, that were huge. If you look at OU’s last 2 tds, you can clearly see holds at the point where the QB and RB were helped. Just be consistent. Heck even when Sam scored on that 9 yd run, you can see Ingram pull the defender down. I’ll just say the better team won and move on to Baylor.
  6. I’m perplexed over this turnover disparity. I don’t care how technically sound you are, 0 penalties (especially when we all saw multiple holds) is highly improbable. The QB switch combined with the team getting back on the bus at halftime, made this game too close for comfort. But a win is a win. 4-1 heading into Dallas.
  7. Lol..horizontal indeed. I love these unbiased announcers.
  8. The refs have completely changed the complexion of this game. 10-0
  9. Welcome to Horn Sports. Please feel free to browse around and get to know the others. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask.

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