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  1. BLM is a terrorist group now?? Interesting. So along those lines, I guess those right wing extremists committed a terrorist attack in Charlottesville. Oh let’s not forget about the right wing terrorist who killed fellow Texans in El Paso. Oh there was the 2012 temple shooting in Wisconsin. Wait wasn’t there a right wing terrorist in Charleston?? That’s right, he went and prayed with a group of African American churchgoers before killing them. Did we forget about the right wing nut who mailed pipe bombs to people?? Oh I’m assuming you don’t consider all these events as terrorism. These killings and attempted killings by right winged people don’t compare to BLM in y’all’s eyes. Ok.
  2. I think you’re giving them too much credit. They have been know to be too slow to offer players and too late pushing on commitments from guys. I like Troy Omerie but they had a chance to make a run at Jaxon Smith-Njiba & were late to the table. They took forever to get to Dajon Harrison. It played out well in the end, but look at Jahdae Barron. That guy was almost a Baylor Bear & the reports are he looks like he could be a dude. We were slow with Ketron Jackson. We may have made up some ground but the slow play hurt. The staff is good at recruiting, not great. They have shown we shouldn’t have blind faith in them.
  3. Yes the only way we can start recruiting the state the way Texas should is to win consistently again. If Texas is winning 10 games yearly and in playoff talk regularly, then we will be able to pull in a lot more of the top in state players regularly. I think Herman may be able to do it. If not, I think he’s did a good job recruiting to solid players. So the next guy would have players at least. And CDC will make sure the next hire is a home run hire. Though I’ve already decided for me.. if Herman is out, Joe Brady is the guy. Imagine what he would with the skill players from this state.
  4. To me the OL recruiting is simple now. You have Hayden Connor. That’s good. Now offer Ezra Dotson-Oyetade and push hard for him. Then try to find 1 or 2 Connor Williams/Sam Cosmi starter packs. And just hope 1 pans out. That ensures you don’t have an off year for OL recruiting. Herman thinks we will do well this season. If that happens you can then push for the 2 OT’s at Duncanville for 2022. We are in a good spot for Campbell. So if you pull that off, you have 3 top end O lineman. There are other good O lineman in state as well so we could do well next year and not have to have negative recruiting with schools saying the 2022 kids won’t play. I don’t think we need to go the grad transfer route this year. Cosmi, Kersetter, Junior, & Okafor are already there. The staff loves Christian Jones & there’s Tyler Johnson. So one of them have to pan out. If they developed them, we should be good. If it wasn’t so late in the summer, I would love to see them move Jared Wiley to LT. He’s long, athletic, doesn’t mind mixing it up. They could have added weight to him and he could be a the next man up. But it may be too late for that. But the team has plenty of options. If they have trained them up, we should have be good & if not, Hand will be let go.
  5. Tom Herman destroyed Missouri in his first year. He beat ou in the Red River Shootout & destroyed Georgia (final score lies) on his way to a 10 win season. He definitely under achieved in year 3 but he then destroyed a team people thought was a top 10 one in Utah. I think he’s shown he can coach his ass off. And I think he will get 2 more years to show he can win here. And he should. The issue with Herman is he can coach, no doubt, but his decision making in games & with his personnel can be lacking. This doesn’t help when he’s present as Mensa Tom. Ok so he wanted to bring his staff with him from U of H. That’s noble, points for loyalty, but he did hire someone outside of that staff and it was Drew Mehringer. That’s a ding right there. He could have hired an ace recruiter and not have to deal with this inside/outside WR coach mess. So we then benefit from him bring on Rashaad Samples. He’s hiring again and he doesn’t think to make him a full time coach? You’ve seen him recruit for us. You reaped the rewards. How do you not make that happen? If he’s here, I like our chances of Savion Byrd committing. That would less the blow of Tommy B not committing. Not Samples, how about Emmett Jones? We didn’t want to pay that much for him? What are we doing if we have so much money but refuse to use it? Also, we suffered so many injuries last year, yet we didn’t think maybe it’s our S&C coach and his program? Mensa Tom should. Then you look at his in game calls and I don’t think anyone can look and see a guy who doesn’t come off as arrogant at times. It seems he refused to change his gameplan at times even when things weren’t working. Or things were working like the hurry up passing game against ISU and he felt he needed to prove we could run too. I think he if truly embraces letting Yurich take the offense and he will be better for it. He could spend more time watching film of opposing teams and of recruits. If he doesn’t, he will be gone in 2 years. At that point... I’m all in for Joe Brady. Make that man an offer he cannot refuse.
  6. So from reading responses.. be got what they wanted most and that’s that The Eyes stays. But now it’s turned into how dare these student-athletes go back to the locker room instead of singing The Eyes. They are spitting on tradition, maybe they miss tackles on purpose because they don’t respect things you do. Oh and the song is only racist if you imagine it is. These guys can’t win. They are represent this school in a way that most on this board have never. Yet they are told they don’t respect the tradition of the school they bleed and sweat for because some will choose to go into the locker room instead of singing a song they do not agree with. There is no middle for you guys, no give or take. You disparage their stance for equality. Then you disparage them for taking what should be a win-win for you. The song stays and they get to exercise their rights and leave the field when the song is sung. No one is hurt by this. I guess except you guys who want to control what mostly minority kids do because you think it’s disrespectful to “tradition”. Well I’m part of this school and so are many that look like me and these players, we have a say in what’s right for the school we attended as well. So I’m fine with them leaving during the song. And my voice counts as much as y’alls so deal with it. If not, I guess go protest them doing it. That’s your right as well.
  7. Expect it’s not one player... it’s kinda a lot of players across multiple sports. And there are students as well who support them. Those students are just as much a part of UT as anyone else and they deserve a stronger and faster response.
  8. Ok and so maybe if the wise older adults maybe offered the players this proposal... maybe they would know they are been taking seriously. But how are they suppose know anything is happening if the discussions are behind closed doors??
  9. No what will help them in their future endeavors is knowing their worth and knowing the strength they have as a brotherhood. That’s what gets you through in life. Patience is easy to teach for those who don’t have to worry about being killed or walking on campus and seeing buildings named for people who wanted to see you oppressed. It’s 2020. These things should have been changed decades ago. It’s not the players fault that people didn’t think it was worth it to change things then.
  10. What history are you talking about? The Eyes? Confederate statues? Building names?? You don’t think any of that should be changed??
  11. Yeah no that’s not how it works. You can’t tell someone that you are listening and discussing changes and then say well it may take some time. You expect these players to just trust change will come. What has the university done to show they can be trusted? The players play games and then what happens if nothing has changed in December?? They played already. They were told change will come but it didn’t and the university got to showcase their players. If they wanted to ensure these players felt they were listened to, it seems they want to be informed on the discussions. It doesn’t take as long as it takes. This isn’t something new. It shouldn’t take a long time to change building names and take down statues.
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