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  1. The craziest thing about Trump people are their inability to or blatantly unwillingness to search for information. This is why they were moronic enough to think Trump still had a chance of being POTUS after it was called for Biden. They didn’t have the brainpower to think for themselves or search for information. So they were just going along with what they saw online. Case in point this who Biden just increase the price of insulin after Trump lowered it. Of they actually used their brains.. they would have searched for actual information. Then they would have seen that Biden didn’t get rid of
  2. It’s gonna be so fun watching you bunch of idiots complaining.. I think what Trump people liked saying was.. if you don’t like it here, leave. Oh and elections have consequences. Trump lost. Deal with it or don’t but posting biased Gateway Pundit articles doesn’t really move the needle. A right wing hack site that put that Biden allegedly won New Mexico kinda shows how idiotic that article is. Oh and getting a quote from the Republican mayor of Carlsbad. Yeah funny that they didn’t want to maybe get a more high ranking person complaining... A House member, a Senator, Lt Governor, Governor. May
  3. Woke up again in Biden’s America. Another day of moronic Trump people complaining about things that aren’t true. It’s a good day.
  4. It’s entertaining seeing people who believed that Trump was somehow going to pull off staying in office for months.. now turn around and try to say Democrats will believe anything. It’s hilarious. You f##king morons ran with that for months. Bring up all finds of strategies and theories on how Trump will win. Well do tell me... is Trump still in office?? No?? Well you should Y’all can’t say shit to anyone about believing nonsense. I won’t even get into all the lies y’all believed from Trump. But yeah Biden did get a higher turnout from black voters, and older voters, and he pro
  5. Hahaha. I will not be suffering at all sir. I would have been ok financially & personally if Trump had won. My life was not changing no matter who won. You don’t seem to get that. The only think that changes is I may be able to do my traveling sooner with a competent team handling the coronavirus. But I voted for the candidate who best represented me & my beliefs. I believe others shouldn’t suffer. I don’t turn my head to the suffering in this country because it doesn’t affect me. So with everything I’ve seen in 2 days.. I would say I will not regret my decision at all. If you are or y
  6. Plenty of friends. Don’t think I have to worry about that.
  7. Racists are really upset their hero was defeated. But they still can’t let go of alternative facts. Me.. I’m just gonna keep celebrating the end of the Trump administration. And a Democratic government. Thanks to the orange one for mobilizing so many people who hated him.

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