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  1. Good for Sam. But I thought the compromise was The Eyes would stay and any player who didn’t want to stay for it didn’t have to? So now are people wanting it be mandatory players stay for it? Because then you’re telling some of these players they have to stay for a song they think is racist. I love how so many on this board likes to pretend that social injustice is such a distraction, it’s not. Plenty of teams are dealing with and winning. Also, any coach thinking they can truly recruit players in these changing times without showing some type of support for social injustice, good luck with t
  2. How about this Tom: the offense is terrible so the defense looks good practicing. They can actually tackle because our team isn’t putting up much fight. So the defense looks good. Then on the flip side. The offense is playing a defense that has shown it will go drives doing were players are running free. So now the offense looks good too Tom. Then those players get in a game and have actually well coached players not doing the same mistakes they saw at practice and they don’t know what to do. So is it that the practices are great or is it that we just suck equally on both sides of the ball??
  3. This isn’t a good look. He’s a big OLine trainer in the DFW area. If he’s saying this. What do you think the recruits and other trainers are saying? Do we keep Sanders committed? I don’t know. Herman needs to go.
  4. Tom Herman is definitely a step above Charlie Strong. The issue with Tom is. He’s a has a terrible personality, thinks he’s the smartest guy in the room, and he’s arrogant. Charlie Strong was actually a good dude. He’s players loved him. Herman’s personality only works if you’re winning. If you’re losing and losing the way he does, people don’t wanna hear your excuses.
  5. 1) Tag me if you want to talk shit. 2) You’re showing you’re a moron by saying you would take Strong. 3) Again plenty of coaches are dealing with social injustice issues, players sitting out, COVID, etc. But those teams aren’t looking like Texas. This team really should be 1-4. We are playing terribly in year 4 of a coach whose teams have played like this every year. So if you’re blaming social injustice for it this year.. what was the issues all those other years?? And please show me where Herman has shown he cares more about social injustice than winning a game?? You really think he
  6. Don’t argue with racists. They see social injustice as the cause for everything wrong. Herman is the problem but only because he cancelled a practice. I guess he’s been canceling practices for years now because we have these type of games yearly. But social injustice is the reason.
  7. I’d you’re on here talking about our players and their caring for social justice as the reason for this debacle, please take a lap. You’re stupidity is showing. No amount of practices can make up for your team being out coached weekly. Tom Herman’s half time message was they needed to establish the run. He showed right their he is in over his head as a coach. He’s the problem. This is year 4. It’s the same issues as year 1. If you think players caring about social justice is the issue. You’re stupid as F@#K. There are plenty of teams who’s players have spoken up about it. ou has players sittin
  8. Herman could be successful at Texas and win if he was willing to do what Dabo does & Mack did. Be the CEO and hire good coordinators. Be the one making sure we get facility upgrades. Make sure the staff has everything they need. Instead Herman is Jerry Jones. He wants to win but he feels he has to win his way. He has to have the credit for winning. The main push against Graham Harrell was the air raid & Herman wanting to keep his spread concepts. That’s a terrible way to look at things. The air raid has show it kills in this league and around the country. How is it this man cannot thin
  9. A school with the resource of Texas, the recruiting grounds, the city to sell, the facilities, the tradition, the list goes on. The school deserves a winning football team. I was in school for the VY/Colt days.. imagine how I feel. Still the school shouldn’t pay because Herman cannot cut it. He has squandered talent, he is egotistical, stubborn, & he rubs people the wrong way. People will tolerate that if you’re winning. He isn’t. He hasn’t grown into the job in Year 4 and he’s still coaching like he’s at Houston. We deserve a coach who respects what it means to be the guy at Texas. Herman
  10. I for one think the university does deserve better. Maybe the football team needs to earn something but this university deserves a winning team.
  11. Losing out on the Brokermeyers, losing out on Byrd. Likely losing Bowman to ou with gf there now. Losing Clayton Smith to ou. Tom Herman and his staff are sucking it up coaching and sucking it up on the trail. Cannot be terrible at doing both at a blue blood and keep you jobs. Herman better have a lights out game on Saturday and a solid rest of the season. If not, the hat will need to be passed around to buy this guy out.
  12. Or how about not having the attention to detail to know you had 1 second left on the clock with the safety. If you’re Herman, how are you not aware of this? How are you not on the refs ear about that right away? There are so many things Herman has done that’s a fumble during his time hear?
  13. I thought about Stoops. I would love to see the hate that would bring from that team up north but I think you go Urban because you know he can turn things around quickly and he will recruit the state better than anyone since Mack. But if not him, gotta get a young HC who can bring some more life & innovation to the program.
  14. I’ve had this conversation with friends. I think it’s a S&C thing. McKnight is great at bulking up but what has he been doing to prevent all of these soft tissue issues? Because it’s been pretty constant every year.
  15. You say you’re a fan & have been for so long. Maybe go look at the facts of that at the time. It wasn’t about the money.

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