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  1. Makes sense and Herman mentioned Moore in his presser as well.
  2. Exactly. We've already shown it and did so quite well last year and with RJ learning on the job and picking up the position very quickly and effectively. I've posted here before, but RJ won't be going back to QB and that's great for him as his future pay days will be at RB.
  3. He spoke about Ford, Dixon, and Collins on LHN the night of the second signing day on the inside access show with Lowell Galindo.
  4. I think we wanted Justin M and Leal as well.
  5. The irony here is that Princely decommitted from Texas due to our predominant 3 man front and is going to likely pick Baylor who runs a...............3 man front per Aranda's preferences.
  6. Hagen seems to be picking up steam. Kind of a meh hire, but let's see if he's it and if so, hope Tom made a good choice. Hagen was at A&M before his gig at Indiana. Not sure he's terribly stout as a recruiter, but I guess we'll find out soon enough if he's the hire.
  7. Just posted this on SHA's last post, but IT mods were posting about this as of late last week that this was not a certain transfer situation and that communications were ongoing and improving. Glad he's staying
  8. Love SHA and all that he brings to this site as he has legit sources, but the info on Mitchell seemed a bit off and seems to be confirmed since Mitchell has withdrawn his name from the portal this morning. IT mods noted that there was more going on here and that both Mitchell and the coaches were communicating and this was a possibility. Mitchell was good, despite horrific coaching last season, and should be excellent this year.
  9. Perfect. I’ll provide a drop off location and prefer payment in small bills;) I’d also add that having RJ as a wildcat qb for short yardage is absolutely in play and could include an occasional Tebow like jump pass, but RJ will be a key member of the RB stable going fwd.
  10. Agreed, but I've never had the impression anyone thought this would even reach or go beyond the contract period. It seemed to be an effort by ESPN to keep Texas from leaving the Big 12, but 20 years and $300M later was too good to pass up.
  11. LHN/ESPN pays us $20M per year. Who the F cares what advertising support they get...the $ is guaranteed. Frankly I've been seeing more sponsors/commercials from different vendors than I recall in the past so who knows.
  12. Roschon isn't moving back to qb. His future and earning power is at RB. Casey may be gone after this spring or after the season, even with Sam graduating. Taking 2 QBs in 2021 makes sense and according to IT, Milroe and family are cool with this as well.
  13. At least he started the pre-game scrum with OU that got personal fouls on both teams
  14. Saw that on IT. Don’t think Dabo wants to offer James.
  15. Everything I'm seeing on IT is indicating Valai may be the rainmaker recruiter we've been hoping for in the DFW area per his Euless Trinity roots as well as his relatively young and relatable age with kids in the area.
  16. Per a poster on IT, Lake has apparently been telling fellow teammates at LT that he's going to decommit and I don't think Texas would be upset if he did. Time will tell.
  17. He's been at Tech for 12 days, but SC came calling for the DC role. Naivar was never officially announced at Tech and that move was walked back, but he could very well follow Orlando to SC.
  18. Per IT, Rakestraw is the focus. Highly doubt Dunson and his 4.9 40 visit Austin.
  19. Texags feeling confident even though he's visiting OU this weekend?
  20. Rumor is we didn't offer and Rhule may bring him onto his staff at Carolina in some type of role since I think they already hired a DL coach. Not sure Okam really wanted our position either.
  21. Fuente is staying at Va Tech. Feels like Baylor is trying to hire anyone but McGuire, which is kind of odd, but Napier may still be on their radar.
  22. Okam would be an outstanding hire, will be a great recruiter, and will be a great coach.
  23. He's been getting some strong offers and was clearly a late bloomer.
  24. Okam is and will be an amazing recruiter.
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