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  1. Everything I'm seeing on IT is indicating Valai may be the rainmaker recruiter we've been hoping for in the DFW area per his Euless Trinity roots as well as his relatively young and relatable age with kids in the area.
  2. Per a poster on IT, Lake has apparently been telling fellow teammates at LT that he's going to decommit and I don't think Texas would be upset if he did. Time will tell.
  3. He's been at Tech for 12 days, but SC came calling for the DC role. Naivar was never officially announced at Tech and that move was walked back, but he could very well follow Orlando to SC.
  4. Per IT, Rakestraw is the focus. Highly doubt Dunson and his 4.9 40 visit Austin.
  5. Texags feeling confident even though he's visiting OU this weekend?
  6. Rumor is we didn't offer and Rhule may bring him onto his staff at Carolina in some type of role since I think they already hired a DL coach. Not sure Okam really wanted our position either.
  7. Fuente is staying at Va Tech. Feels like Baylor is trying to hire anyone but McGuire, which is kind of odd, but Napier may still be on their radar.
  8. Okam would be an outstanding hire, will be a great recruiter, and will be a great coach.
  9. He's been getting some strong offers and was clearly a late bloomer.
  10. Okam is and will be an amazing recruiter.
  11. Kinda seems like the reason he is replacing 8 of his 10 assistants, assuming Drayton heads to the NFL
  12. SHA, is your contact hearing anything about Samples coming back in some Asst Coach capacity if Drayton moves on? Would seem like there's more room on the staff to make it happen and to add him as a Rainmaker recruiter for DFW.
  13. Not even remotely accurate. Drayton may very well take the Cowboy's rb gig, but it won't affect Bijan. Also, Drayton left the NFL to be an Asst HC with Herman to prep himself for a HC gig. Going back to the Cowboys as a position coach only doesn't necessarily further that endeavor in my opinion.
  14. I may know of someone in the legal profession who is quite familiar with Strong's situation at Louisville with the prominent booster's spouse. Let's just say MBHornfan is pretty accurate in his assessment.
  15. He's 6'4" to 6'5" and came in around 250-260, but also played a lot of basketball. The kid may just burn calories even when he sleeps for all I know. He's apparently just a very challenged weight gainer. On the other hand, I'm very accomplished at gaining weight....even when I sleep.
  16. Harder to work out and keep muscle mass when on your back and immobile. I'd normally agree that getting hurt and becoming less active would definitely cause me to buy a new scale, but somehow he's just having difficulty gaining weight and working out etc. along with whatever gazillion calorie protein type diet he was on didn't keep the weight on while he was injured.
  17. Apparently Moore lost a lot of weight when he got injured. May be tough to bulk him up enough.
  18. Or it shows how out of touch OB and Suchomel are regarding Ringo's recruitment. It is well known he signed with either Oregon or Georgia, but Suchomel tweets this troll job as though we had a chance. I wish we did, but it isn't happening.
  19. Sorry if already posted here, but Nahlin from Inside Texas confirmed Yurcich is a done deal and the contract is signed. Guess we'll hear something any day now regarding an announcement. Looks like Rhule is getting a ton of interest again from NFL teams.
  20. Man...gotta just agree to disagree here. OL improved light years from 2017 to 2018 and started off 2019 solidly, but I agree their play dropped off the second half of the season. I posted above, but they were put in some no win situations with pretty brutal schemes and play calls along with Mehringer possibly tipping off opposing defenses as he and Herman's relationship deteriorated.
  21. Think a poster on IT indicated he was going to a Juco per current academic challenges, but I could be misremembering that.
  22. It's the reason Beck was reassigned and we're looking for a new OC. Our play calls the last half of the year were a ton of slow developing, brutal plays to run for any OL, much less ours. Couple that with Mehringer possibly tipping off opposing defenses, per his apparent issue with Herman, and I'd have been surprised if any OL could have succeeded in that situation. There's a reason Mehringer was fired and not reassigned. Orlando, on the other hand, was fired so he could have more time to hunt for another job.
  23. Herman is talking out of both sides of his mouth. He now wants to be a "CEO" type head coach so he can concentrate on other aspects and details of the program and let his Coordinators run both sides of the ball, but now all of the sudden he's such a control freak that he can't let go of controlling the offense and is therefore costing us a legit shot at major upgrade at OC with Harrell? Herman is truly burning bridges at this point and too arrogant to get out of his own way.
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