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  1. I bet we get him. SC has to make an effort here or risk more damage. Harrell's family is in Texas, he prefers living here, his dad's a legendary HS coach here, no state income tax, nicer and more optimal/affordable housing......etc. etc. IT's Nahlin had a good update this morning. Not guaranteeing he's coming, but pointing to a lot of favorable factors including his family here wanting him back in the area/state.
  2. I think Giles, Hand, and Drayton are safe. Have seen this a few times on IT as well for what it's worth.
  3. Looks like the Helton news was a bit premature and possibly outright incorrect, but time will tell.
  4. Because of the horrific excuse of a slow developing offense Herman runs that telegraphs our plays, offers no motion to gain mismatches, and puts horrible strain above and beyond the norm of most college O-Lines. Hand is making bad chicken salad out of Tom's chicken sh!t unfortunately.
  5. Players are friends and talk with players from other teams. They hear about how those kids are having a lot of success, but not going through near the grind that Herman puts his kids through and it starts getting to some kids no doubt. I was extremely excited about hiring Herman after the Strong debacle, but for the first time I'm truly concerned as to whether Herman can get it done. Culture is great and putting kids through hell to get them ready is likely good as well, but when the kids start questioning why they're going through all of the stuff Herman demands, yet see the coaching issues each Saturday, it truly starts wearing them down.
  6. For whatever reason that site seems to struggle a bit more than most. Ojomo last year during bowl prep was reported by them to have a very serious knee/leg injury and played quite a bit vs Georgia. Their owner is an OU homer and apparently is prone to stirring the pot negatively towards Texas, but now Quay has decommitted after they said he had calmed down on a potential decommit? Oh well.
  7. Dajon told Inside Texas he tweaked an ankle and would be good to go for the first round of playoffs. Was this update of a broken fibula recent?
  8. Is it me or is there no message or link here? Probably just me.
  9. Brandon Jones is one of the starting safeties unless you're counting him as the nickel db.
  10. I don't subscribe there, but it isn't Ingram. One poster on IT indicates it may be Eagles due to homesickness type stuff.
  11. Any word on who this may be? I don't know why, but my random and completely unsubstantiated guess is Ingram due to wanting more touches vs splitting them with Roschon. Again, just a completely out of left field guess. Jake Smith and Epps aren't starters so that rules them out. I'd be a little surprised if it was one of the linemen. Colin and Duve are captains so it feels like it wouldn't be either of those guys. No way it would be Sam.
  12. Same. I was at the game too and the first thought I had about any possible frustration Smith may be having was to remind him to stop fumbling per his dropped punt vs OSU and key fumble vs KU when he had converted a first down.
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