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  1. Petersen is retired correct? Not saying he'd come here or that I'd want him as I'm all in on Urban as well, but unless you meant Petersen's dream job is retirement then he's not coaching anywhere that I know of.
  2. Tech gave up 35 yards on the ground the week before vs HBU. I realize HBU threw for over 500 yards, but Tech's rush defense isn't exactly bad.
  3. He's not on it. Unsure if he's dinged up and they want him fully healthy for Tech or if he's in Covid protocol, also to be available for Tech.
  4. Am ok with this if it means we keep up the focus on Henry and Earle or it gives us one more scholly for the loaded WR class in 2022. More worried about getting some O-Linemen.
  5. Totally agree and would be shocked if other schools didn’t promote it. I do think we’re doing it well.
  6. LHN isn't going to allow the kids to make real $. LHN was to be added exposure, or perceived that way, but in reality it's not much different. Having the platform, city, and backing of your athletic dept to monetize your likeness is on a completely different stratosphere and a HUGE advantage that Tom is taking advantage of as he should. It will truly allow Texas to separate itself due to the factors mentioned. And you mentioned how LHN added all kinds of extra duties for Mack and was bad so I concluded you felt the same would happen to Herman. He's doing a great job of leveragi
  7. Herman's selling it so he can get recruits. He's just using the additional tool. Nothing like LHN and Texas has a distinct advantage here. I'd be highly pissed if he didn't take advantage of it.
  8. IT Mods also say that someone close to him, likely a family member, is very pro-Texas and someone Turner listens to, so we do have an advocate or champion on our side, but ideally we can swing him back around to the good guys. I do recall SHA saying several weeks ago, maybe a few months ago, that Turner was a silent to us, so I'm curious what negative recruiting occurred to have us playing a significant amount of catch up these days. We seem to be making a dent though.
  9. Same. My loyalty points are clearly lacking as they were going to reseat me from my 37 yd line seats to section 18 in the end zone. I'll hate not being there, but will see what it's like to watch the games on the tube this year. My worry, despite all the excellent protocols we have in place at Texas, is that other programs will be less successful with Covid protocols and the season may struggle to be completed fully. Definitely want to be wrong as we need football in the worst way.
  10. Nahlin on IT mentioned that Milroe flipping likely doesn't help us with LJ. Hope we can get Wheaton onboard asap if that's the case.

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