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  1. I guess this will add an interesting chapter to your book. I would love to know what was the superintendent’s reasoning/motivation in his/her decision.
  2. SHA, Interesting. Can’t judge since I only see what you and newspaper reported. However, If not Dennis Alexander then why not Craig Horn? He appears to have a lot of success where he has coached. What are your thoughts?
  3. @Daniel Seahorn, @Sirhornsalot ?
  4. @Sirhornsalot, would you have any information?
  5. Can anyone who has HS inside information list where former HS coaches moved and who has filled their positions? Thanks!
  6. Please keep us posted. I like to know how this turned out. Thanks.
  7. Here is ESPN link: http://www.espn.com/nfl/story/_/id/22593204/jalen-ramsey-jacksonville-jaguars-calls-texas-aggies-assistant-recruiting-post
  8. Ath Director said rumors of natural turf in 2018 are getting ahead of themselves. I tried to put link here but with no success. Reference mailbag for Burnt Ends mailbag to see his tweet.
  9. Can you provide information on changing to natural turf in 2018?
  10. Not doubting your post but that seems like a quick turnaround. I wonder why and how long has this been discussed. Anyone with details please provide information and background data on what appears to be a quick decision. Thanks.
  11. SHA: (@Sirhornsalot) Some time ago you mentioned there would be something out of left field at NSD or in the future. Has that been revealed yet or is it still pending? Thanks in advance.
  12. I saw the pictures of his announcement on Facebook. Is that his sister? Mom? Wow!
  13. Can you provide examples or summary or is it best to take as face value until after NSD?
  14. Thanks for sharing. Can you or anyone else refresh my memory what position Meekins was coaching with any other coaching shuffling? Thanks in advance.
  15. Happy Birthday, Daniel. Have a great day. PS - You are still a youngster.
  16. A sign you are getting old. :-) Welcome to my world. LOL
  17. For those of us who don’t speak Tweetese, what does that mean? Thanks in advance.
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