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  1. I'm not an official. From the ones I see on Friday night, they mostly seem to be there to collect a check bc they aren't very good at calling the games.
  2. The ball actually went forward but sure seemed to be loose before the hand went forward. As a HS DC in Ok, I can certainly attest to the decline in officiating quality. J.B. is spot on that the younger generation seems to have no interest in either learning the game enough to officiate or spend their Friday evenings getting abused by coaches. The pay just isn't worth it. At the HS level anyway.
  3. I'm not expert but I do not believe this for a second. Not even Herman is arrogant enough to believe he could get away with, let alone survive doing something like that. Seems a lot like more negative recruiting which admittedly, he has brought a lot of on himself.
  4. Agreed. I believe it is a coaching philosophy similar to how Mack used to take his foot off the gas in games. As his mentor did, Herman follows that pattern. As undisciplined as this team is and seemingly poorly coached, failure to put inferior teams away is like constantly dancing on a razors edge.
  5. I could be way off but I'd almost bet that Bijan had more broken tackles today than all the backs combined so far this year.
  6. Starting to believe its going to become very hard for any QB to survive throwing the ball 40 plus times a game against this front 7. At least hoping the progressions continue the positive trend.
  7. Said it earlier, Herman follows the Mack Brown pattern. He needs to realize its a different time and studs like Bijan have to be a go to option.
  8. Another reason to abandon the seemingly endless pursuit by the coaches to force the ball down field since we do not have the personnel to do it successfully.
  9. Maybe the coaches should stop trying to get Sam enough stats to get to NY in early December and focus on running an offense that wins games handily against inferior teams. Just saying.
  10. Maybe the reason the coaches believe our DBs are good is because they are covering our WRs in practice?
  11. How can you call a low hit to the QB when the OT is riding the Dlineman to the ground?
  12. Bijan is the kind of difference maker back we haven't had since probably Charles.
  13. Too much dancing by Rojo. He needs to do like last year and hit the hole quick with power.
  14. Starting to believe the theory that him and Smith are indeed the same person.
  15. Terrible offensive first half. 1 good drive then go away from what made it successful. I'm simply not smart enough to understand the thought process behind that rational.

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