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  1. Although I am no expert, it speaks volumes to me that many if not all of the previous schools lamented the loss of these coaches. With the last two regimes, there was promise of great hires for the staff only to end up with coaches that were being begged to leave. I can not think of one of the new coaches that were being pushed out the door of their previous school. That is a refreshing change. All of that said, beat OU in October without giving up half a hundred, going to OT, or saying "winning is hard" and I'll be happy....until the next L.
  2. Book answered my question before I could get it typed. Slowing down in my old age.lol
  3. Wasn't there speculation that Saban was attempting to get rid of Golding?
  4. Potentially the best staff in a long time. Hopefully the results will bear that out. Likely not the right forum but any speculation on possible coming attractions from the portal?
  5. I meant if Wiggins joins the staff. Isn't he like the WR whisperer?
  6. Who knew a blowout could be so entertaining. After the last four years, I thought every game had to be an edge of my seat, nail biter. Even against teams will less talent.
  7. I thought it was on Sark and was wondering if we could void the contract?
  8. I’m not a big fan of the play either but what I see is an off coach that understands play sequencing and situation. The superior athletes doesn’t hurt. Here’s hoping recruiting will fill in the holes.
  9. Refreshing to see an offensive coach exploit mismatches. Hopefully Satk doesn’t forget how to do that when he gets to Austin.
  10. Didn’t you read the earlier post? The good Bama defense is all Saban. When they play badly, it’s Golding. Evidently Saban called the first series.
  11. Another thing I have to keep reminding myself with the whole 3 man v. 4 man front is that the evolution of offenses, defenses are much more reliant on sub packages now than ever. Although we may have a base of 3 or 4 man front, we will likely see multiple fronts used depending on game plan, opponent, and situations. Either way, I'd think whatever pieces the new staff thinks are missing or short will be heavily recruited through the portal and juco avenues.
  12. Hard to know completely but in my opinion, the players we have at the DL can make the switch. Big A, Broughton, Ojomo, and Goram Welch seem versatile enough to play either the 5 tech of the 4 man front or the 4 tech of the 3 man front. Coburn and Sweat have prototypical size for a 3 man front NG or a 4 man front 1 tech. Overshown can be an OLB or walk up end but is a little lite. Mitchell is the rangy MLB in a 3-3-5 but no idea who plays the other LB. Maybe Prince can be the stand up monster type position where he drops occasionally into coverage and offers some exotic blitzes across the front

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