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  1. That is a tough injury to recover from, especially for a bigger guy. Have had 2 family members including my 23 yr old son have that happen recently in freak instances. Really sucks for the kid.
  2. There does appear to be an opening at Mike
  3. I would imagine that some will be offended and others will be happy with his stance and statements. Just the same as watching some criticize what Saban said as not going far enough while others exalted him as the standard bearer. It is certainly a time where words need to be chosen wisely and actions will likely tell the true story. JMHO
  4. Until Texas reestablishes itself as a legitimate title contender, the press has to throw someone besides SEC teams and Clemson in there so the rest of the country will continue to follow. In fairness, OU has been the only real threat from the Big 12 for the better part of the last decade. Living in this part of the country, that is a painful truth to admit.
  5. Unless the coaches can instill more fundamentals, the alignment isn't going to matter all that much.
  6. Guess he can enjoy watching the staff at his "dream school" win big with a bunch of 3 stars.
  7. Definitely something in the water close to your house with that much speed around.lol
  8. 1. Based on what I've read, Usain Bolt's 40 would equate to roughly a 4.2 forty time and a rough equivalent to most world class sprinters is a 4.3 forty. The big difference I would think is the sustained speed of WC sprinters. 2. IMO, the ship has more value. Especially in a conference other than the sec. A 2018 ship would likely have changed the entire narrative of the team, staff, and program for the better. Of course, we may still have some of the same staff as then so there are good and bad parts.lol Just one man's opinion.
  9. Quick question for those in the know. I may be mistaken but I thought I had seen a couple of times in the last week or two that the numbers will be tight in the 21 class. My question is, weren't the numbers in the 20 class tight too? How can we be so tight in back to back classes?
  10. Agreed, but quickness/explosiveness aren't the same as straight line speed. Also thought he played around 220 last year so 235 is a significant increase and a huge increase for a RB from his freshman weight of approx. 200 lbs. Not ideal unless he is going to be more of a thumper style back which wasn't really his forte. Then again, I could be completely off.
  11. Watching the 2018 RRR game a few times over the past week, it seemed like he was quicker and more explosive before he put on the added weight last year. I would think even more weight would not be a benefit for his skill set.
  12. Has there been any timeline for this supposed addition other than "soon"? Just curious as I have other important sports stories to follow.... oh, wait, no I don't.
  13. In the absence of any real sports, I have found myself spending more time listening to the draft "experts". I am shocked that despite his injury history, Collin does not get more love. I realize it is a deep WR draft but the kid is a freak. Maybe I'm a homer but I think he is certainly worth a flyer in the late 3rd-4th based on his skill set and match-up possibilities but his name never seems to get mentioned.
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