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  1. Shirley might help keep the recruits in line though.
  2. I'd expect things to stay with the status quo until after SD2 unless a superstar falls in our lap. That would keep Carrington on the trail and hopefully solidify things with some of the remaining prospects.
  3. Had to wear the Ks jersey to the tryout after losing a bet when they beat us a few years back. Not sure which hurt worse.
  4. Are there any positions available for early 50's slow, hard of hearing guys? If so, I'm in.
  5. This. Have one coach oversee all of it but use a coach for the different aspects. Have an Offensive coach help with the punt teams, KO return, etc and a defensive coach work with punt return, kick blocks, and kickoff. Hutzler would know what LBs, and Dbs would be good in coverage while Coleman and Boulware would know what specialty kids can catch a punt or kick and have the vision to excel. Come on home Jay.
  6. I'm not sure TE is an actual position at UT anymore.
  7. If he was responsible for the success of K State's special teams, he should be able to do wonders with the athletes at UT. That could translate in to at least 1 additional win each year or at least considerable improvement in field position on the offensive side of the ball. He would definitely fit the coach em up on fundamentals part if not the recruiting part.
  8. Fortunately we have the portal so he can transfer any time he wants to so I'd say, make it happen Tom.
  9. Scanning his Bio on the SC site, seems to have had success coaching ST. At least his returners performed well at previous stops. He also will bring some things he learned defensively from Coach Boom which should be a plus.
  10. Could be wrong but I think they are saying he is going to coordinate the run defense kind of like Marineli/Richard thing in Dallas this last year. Marinelli handled primarily the front 7 and Richard handled the DBs and called the defense. If that is the case, it is a crazy arrangement on the defensive side but adds a title for him and likely puts him in line to be a DC soon.
  11. I can understand the concerns and certainly am not the expert on what happened at Rutgers but do wonder if it was a matter of Ash being one of those guys that can run a defense but can't run an entire program or if he just wasn't given the resources to really be successful. It seems that some programs try and operate on the cheap only to find out that at the D1 level that does not work very often. My big question for a hire like this is can he recruit? We certainly need coaches that can do a better job of coaching the kids up but we also need some of these new hires to be the type of recruiters that can land the elite talents with an F150 so we can save the F250s for the generational guys..
  12. That's a shame about Moore. Seems like I remember him being one of the guys Herman mentioned as having a really good spring and fall camp. Maybe when he is healthy, he can gain it back fairly quickly and provide solid depth. Jones is a kid I'm excited to see throughout the spring. He has all the tools to be a dominate tackle. Would be a really good thing to be able to have 8-10 solid OL guys for the first time in seemingly forever.
  13. Great to see him back next year. Thought he struggled with holding penalties at times this season. Another year should improve his skill and stock. Would think that an OL of Cosmi, Moore/Jones, Kerstetter, Angilau, and Okafor in some order would be solid. Allow most of the new guys to red shirt and build strength. Maybe add a grad transfer to man the other OT and slide Okafor inside.
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