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  1. I may be wrong but I don't think the comparisons between Herman and Strong are as accurate as being made out. Barring some unforeseen disaster, I believe Herman will have a long run as HC at Texas. Add to that the truth that most coaches are arrogant enough to believe they can fix anything, I would think that many up and coming coordinators would jump at the chance to fill that role at Texas.
  2. This is a really good point that I had not thought of before now. Not sure its a factor but it makes sense. Also would be less likely at that point to lose someone we had just hired. Hard to know with so little hard facts coming out. Difficult as a fan but refreshing from a professionalism point of view.
  3. I agree with the last part. Just can not believe that Herman or CDC would let things spin out of control at such a critical time. I believe they are pretty sure who is signing next Wednesday and will have everything set for a strong push to finish the class on NSD2
  4. I would think that if new offers are going out, there is at least a pretty good feeling about who will be calling the defense next year. Especially involving CBs and whether they are better suited for man or zone schemes. Any ideas if we have a shot at this kid or anything about him other than being a 4 star from Georgia?
  5. We are assuming the announcements will be momentum worthy. Forgive me if I'm a little bit guarded after Watson and Beck. Hopefully this round will be different.
  6. I know the game is different now but there used to be a belief that every freshman that started equaled a loss during the season. That may not be the exact verbiage but the point seems to always hold true, inexperience costs at some point.
  7. Not saying he would be my first choice but why so against Morris? Just curious.
  8. Part of the problem is that everyone in the media still believes that the $ec is a dominant conference top to bottom. They have a couple of good teams and the rest are middle of the pack or worse.
  9. Hopefully its not another Watson fiasco where the rumors were flying about a "game changing" hire that ended up being like showing up to a blind date to find out your buddy set you up with Rosie O'donnell.
  10. Sir, you might have a point about Morris. Although I believe it would be at least a couple of years of success as an OC to rekindle a desire for him as a head coach. At least at a power 5.
  11. My guess is they drop to 3 with LSU and Clemson moving up. Maybe even 4th since a lot of people seem to want to see an LSU/OSU game one way or the other. That scenario helps OU imo since I believe OSU and LSU have the best defenses at this point in time.
  12. I like Morris for a couple of reasons. He has had success calling plays at more than one location, and he has head coaching experience which I believe would add to the overall maturity of the staff. Not to say he would be better than GH, just a couple of reasons I believe he could do really good things at Texas.
  13. It shouldn't but it may depend on the performance of Clemson and OSU tonight. A dominant performance may keep the status quo. Either way, I'm hoping OU gets drilled by whoever they face.
  14. Whoever we end up getting for OC, I hope they know the value of a good TE as more than just another lineman. We have recruited some pretty good athletes in that spot the last couple of years that could be real assets.
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