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  1. Still waiting for last week's shhhhh to be revealed. What's the shelf life for a shhhhh?
  2. I'm not worried about the offense but I am scared SH*TLESS that Beck will still call plays (horribly wrong again) and F it up. Maybe its the past with Mack Brown keeping Diaz 1 year too long or Charlie keeping EVERY coach 1 year too long.
  3. We will never know if this is a "spoiled" brat or the truth. I have 2 brothers, my parents love us all but one of my brothers is a complete ass and feels entitled to everything even though he treats everyone like sh*t. We still love him, but he' brought things upon himself. hmmm.......
  4. Disagree somewhat. Despite the QB play last year, we were a PLAYCALLER away from winning 9. Something has to change there.
  5. after Chad Morriss takes care of aggy at home and they are 2-3, methinks many times.
  6. Herman didn't call plays last year except bowl game. Sure, he could change play, but I don't think there is time enough when dunderhead sends it down from the booth.
  7. and if our "play caller" would have had half a brain and remembered we were trying to kill clock on 3rd and 2...
  8. and guess who the OC was when their offense went stale. Tim Beck. We HAVE to get rid of him or demote him.
  9. We hired the HAVOC coach from VCU. Since day 1, he hasn't run his style of game. Go watch old VCU tapes. It shocking. Year 1 - Didn't have "my type of players" to run HAVOC Year 2 - No clue why we NEVER pressed or ran a motion offense. RESULT? WORST record in UT HISTORY Year 3 - Again, no clue why we never pressed or ran motion offense. If nothing else, we have ATHLETES. He's a fraud. Concerns started year 1 when he had Cam and Prince and NEVER fed the post. Year 2, with Jarrett Allen? Same thing. spread the court, dribble, dribble, dribble, dribble, jack a 3 with 5 seconds left. With his utter lack of success, you would think he would at least TRY running the same game that got him this job. THAT ALONE, shows my all I need to see from him. Buh-Bye
  10. nah... He's not SEC good. They didn't want him anyway. XXX is a better player. just preparing for the inevitable.
  11. It's not necessarily that. He isn't coaching the same game as he did at VCU and it makes ZERO sense. We hired the "HAVOC" coach. Even VCU threatened a trademark violation if we used that. Year 1 he didn't press at all and the "excuse" was that he didn't have his type of player to do so. Fast forward to year 3 (after the year 2 WORST record in UT history) and he still isn't running the offense or defense we hired him for. This alone should have him gone and what is confusing about it is that his lack of success should make him try the VCU type of ball. Works for West Virginia so there should be no excuse. The lack of shooters also shows his half court "dribble until 5 seconds left then heave a shot" doesn't work wither so he should stress high tempo. All this tells me what I need to know. He isn't a good coach. He got lucky with a team that hit every shot one year. He's a terrible coach. ZERO X's and O's. Wasted every big man he had here wit ha lack of low post offense. He can't be fired fast enough and we wont amount to anything as a program until he is.
  12. Thank goodness none of them were "SEC good" or aggy would have taken them all I guess?
  13. praying you are right. Again, the data leans me towards you aren't. Play calling was an issue all season and yet in the final game vs. Tech, he let Beck call a pass on 3rd and 2 when we needed clock to run and we all know what happened. My point is, Coach Herman KNEW the issues with play calling and yet did nothing about it all year.
  14. My 1 and ONLY issue with coach Herman is his retaining of an OC that led the WORST offense in UT history. Charlie did the same thing. Kept the terrible coaches, let them RUIN the team in pre season practice, then replaced them essentially losing another season. I'll trust him, but I'm scared that Beck is still collecting a paycheck.
  15. This all depends on whether Tim Beck is running the offense again. "We no longer start a freshman QB and now have an OL worthy of game planning for." Last year we had Williams, Vahe, and Shack on the left side. STUDS all. We lost our starting RT just before game 1. What did Tim Beck do? He ran the ball to the right side CONSTANTLY. Whether we have an OL worthy of game planning for (and I agree if Anderson signs) or not, do we have an OC/Playcaller who CAN gameplan?
  16. Watch the offense and go back the last 3 years and watch. There is ZERO movement off the ball. They swing the ball around the 3 and NOBODY cuts or switches. Terrible shooting aside, no movement means we have to settle for shot creation or jump shots. Also, its obvious we cannot shoot but Shaka allows them to shoot 20-30 3's? When up big, we stop going down low to Dylan O? I'm done with Shaka. Another Steve Patterson screw-up. I wish Del Conte could steal the TCU coach.
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