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  1. Because I saw what I saw on Film? You need someone to teach you the game. Copy and pasting others information makes you look ignorant. Again, a logical reason for picking PG? No response. "I pick em the way I see em." You are one blind dude!!!!
  2. Yes......they are. Do NOT refer to me as dude. I'm 43 and have stated several times I've been laughing at this for three days. You have failed to comment on that. So mad!!!! Lol.
  3. All of the other teams expected wins/close games. Didn't work out for them. Don't really care what you expect? Only care about what we do.
  4. No. I don't post on the Mustang network FSSW. We just watch our Stangs on it every December. The only posting we do on FSSW is post wins on the field (championships). Not on a message board.
  5. I live close to PNG. I had NO clue who PG was or where they were from prior to their run this year. Definetly not a house hold name in THSF.
  6. Considering the wos kids are my kids.... yes! I live here. Played here. Coach T was my dad's catcher at wos and in college. I coached his son Michael in baseball. Ummm.....yup a very proud mustang! As far as your kennedale carthage pick.....wrong. Imop. Pick it like you see it? That's funny. Picking the Texans over the Pats just because you don't like bill or tom is insane. Pretty much like your PG pick. Nothing indicates a PG win. nothing! Stop with your "stats!" Ask Wimberly, Celina, Sweetwater salado, cuero, Madisonville, and Navarro how those "stats" worked out for them. This game is a total mismatch. Looks great on paper though.
  7. Well we have watched a lot of film on PG as well. They are good but NOT elite good. Our first though was, "how in the hell did graham get to the semi final game?" Defense was slow/average at best. Clear my throat...... Our region or half of our region has won the last several championships for a reason. Simply put, the teams are better. Wos, Cuero, Navarro, Wimberly, Sinton and throw in a really good Madisonville now with rusty nail there as HC. We have pretty much owned all of it for several years now. Watching the championship games with Celina, and Sweetwater just left me believing the obvious. We were WAY faster than them. Haven't seen anything that changes my mind. I'm sure it will be a great game to watch. Any team from any classification that makes it to a championship game is good. No doubt about that. We just have a few kids that have been there and done that. Makes a big difference. We will see Friday at 3pm for sure.
  8. What a shocker? Pg over Wos. Hope I didn't influence your pick? Lololol. Jk. You do a great job with this. I truly wish you well with your book. I'm sure it will be great! Now.... .you do have to confess to all that I started out thanking you for your insight and coverage. I said it. Meant it! Putting my guns down. Lololol. PG 7 Wos 6. There you go. Lololol.
  9. I was going to cancel my membership if we lose Friday. Lololol. Jk.
  10. Actually I've been laughing at this for three days. There is no doubt we could lose this game. I hope we win of course and ill be shocked if we don't.......but you are correct about one thing. I could careless either way. Lmfao. Amazing how comical this gets. Sorry you feel that way. Hard to read a person online. Hook em.......love all of y'all. Win or lose. Thank goodness I am on record several days ago thanking Sirhornsalot for this insight. Told him it was awesome and still feel that way.
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