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  1. One one positive I can think of out of all of this is that CDC is known to be a detail oriented guy so if this trend with this football team continues this season I have no doubt in my mind he’ll insist on changes being made. He made GP at TCU hire innovative OCs to improve their O to go along with their stout defense when he first got there so I can see something similar happening here. Let’s hope for the best, cause we all know we deserve it after years of mediocrity
  2. I don’t understand why we didn’t see him after he scored that TD.... he looked phenomenal and I was real impressed with his vision
  3. My undergrad Alma mater The University of Iowa... with a bunch 0 to 3 star players can put out a better overall output than what we showed today... and Iowa’s offense is ugly old school I-formation run the ball down your throat type football but it gets results and can get you at least 8 wins a year. (beat tOSU in 2017, beat Michigan 2016, beats Iowa State almost annually).
  4. Robert Smith has Texas making the CFB playoffs this year and it looks like he has us winning it all.
  5. https://m.youtube.com/watch?feature=youtu.be&v=OPlKPoZ37d4&a= All of Jake Smith’s TDs 41:44 1:15:20 2:07:57 2:31:15 (Camera guy missed the catch) 2:43:25 2:53:47 I just realized the time is slightly off compared to the live stream and recorded version. But those TDs should be around those listed times above.
  6. Jake Smith in his first game of the season goes for 5 TDs and in his second game (tonight) goes for 6 TDs... this kid is electric!! He now accounts for 11 of the 12 TDs for NDP this season
  7. If we land Tufono, I hope that leads to having a shot at Faatui Tuitele
  8. Wow! If someone told me we’d end up in Omaha after starting 9-9 this season I’d probably think that person was on something... what a team and heck of a job Coach Pierce has done in his 2nd season. Hats off the Tennessee Tech they had a heckuva year and those offensive numbers they put up this season were ridiculous. They’re well coached and they have a some talented players. Im extremely impressed with how we kept an offense like that in check this series and now we’re headed to OMAHA
  9. I wonder with TFB hinting it that they might have a commitment video or something a long those lines in the works? Will Baizer just tweeted this too
  10. First piece of the Great Wall of Austin to fall this week? Hmm I would love to see that
  11. Thanks for the info! Yeah I think he’ll be in burnt orange when it’s all said and done.
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