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  1. I agree, if the Texas kids do not want to come, Fill with them.
  2. Point 4. UM recruited Texas better than anyone. He pulled more 5 star recruits out of the state. I believe UM would have an immediate impact on the recruiting trail with the high school coaches and the recruits. If done early enough he could possible even flip some current recruits heading out of state. just my 2 cents
  3. Did everyone see that the Aggies have the number 1 recruiting class for 2021!!!!!! Well I guess Bama does but since they are in the SEC, doesn't that imply that they have the # 1 class.
  4. Got a question. Have any of you been to Austin recently? Just wondering how the stadium is coming. I have not seen any pictures recently. It looked really strange when I was there for the LSU game. If someone is by the stadium. Could you please take some pics and post them
  5. Baylor hires LSU's Aranda as head coach from yahoo. Not sure where to post this. But here it is https://www.yahoo.com/news/ap-source-baylor-finalizing-deal-224053519.html
  6. New CB in for Isaiah Dunson to Texas. 4 Star CB out of GA
  7. South Carolina linebackers coach Coleman Hutzler has emerged into the leading candidate to have the same position in Texas, according to my sources. SMU's Kevin Kane was a candidate, but Hutzler is in a prime position to obtain the job from anwar Richardson
  8. Not Longhorn news but Jason Garret no longer with Cowboys. Per ESPN
  9. Ouch, I bet they also think they are getting Saban as an assistant coach as well!!! While were at it Urban may need to be in the mix for an assistant.
  10. I think Craig earned the right to receive a very long look to come back. He coached with passion and a very good game plan.

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