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  1. Nobody said coaching doesn't matter, but the economics of the situation do matter and they're a substantial (but not impossible) barrier to moving forward with someone else.
  2. As someone who writes about Texas basketball and sees the page view counts, I can assure you nobody gives a crap about Texas basketball even when they're good. More people will click on a story about a 3-star OL commit than a game recap.
  3. Because the athletic program is a business and football makes up the vast majority of the revenue. Put it this way: pretend you've got a company where you have two employees that are underperforming, and you're considering replacing them. You're a $20 million dollar company and it costs $1,200,000 to replace each employee, that seems manageable, right? Now imagine Employee A is responsible for $18 million of your revenue (with a net profit of a few mil) and Employee B is responsible for $2 million (with a net profit of nearly zero). Spending $1.2m to replace Employee A makes a lot more financial sense than Employee B, you're basically saying you'll toss out the majority of your yearly Employee B revenue and take however many years it will take to get back into the black just to let him/her go. Not a lot of businesses will go for that idea, they'd rather wait until the price is $900k, or $600k to make the move. That's basically the difference between Texas paying off coaches in football v basketball. Now if you can find somebody to hire Employee B and get him/her off your books for substantially less than $1.2m, the math changes.
  4. I wrote nearly 19,000 words over 9 preview pieces, 'long and complicated' is my default setting.
  5. Yes. DO + Roach + Jones = 3 to give, and they'll find room for a fourth if McDaniels wants to come.
  6. I'm going to say Lamarcus; he was at Texas for two years but only because of a major hip injury. He was a one & done prior to the injury, and his sophomore year they went to the Elite Eight. With the 1&D types, it's as much about the surrounding cast as it is about them. That EE team had junior PJ Tucker, Daniel Gibson, and a senior Kenton Paulino around LMA to really get things going. The year after had KD but everyone around him was incredibly young (frosh DJ, frosh Damion James, etc.). You flip KD to a year earlier or later and on those Elite Eight squads are probably making the final weekend. I think with a school like Texas who rarely has more than one 1&D at a time, the timing and fit of that player plays a much larger role than a place like Kentucky where they have 3+ on nearly every team. Bamba on this year's squad would likely be deadlier than last year, as an example.
  7. The 2019 class will be small because relatively few players leave this year. If I had to guess, it's 3-4 players at the most. This is less about 'falling behind' and more about simply not having that many spots to fill so they're being selective. Recruiting will be fine.
  8. Is there any reason to pick a preemergent other than Dimension? That seems like the consensus pick in my research.
  9. I'm fine with letting them bypass college entirely. (I suspect that is going to be an option sooner than later, perhaps as soon as the 2019 NBA draft.) I also think we're headed down the path of the G League becoming a legit minor-league system not entirely unlike what baseball has. They already have franchises for nearly every NBA team, and they're developing ways (like the 2-way deals) to cultivate players moving back & forth between the G League and the NBA. This is a long way of saying I kinda feel like this whole "1-year freshman" issue may work itself out over time as the supremely-talented 1st-round types go straight to the NBA/G League and the NCAA starts to resemble something similar to college baseball where more of the rosters are built with players who tend to be around for a couple years or more.
  10. Turner's production issues had very little to do with his talent -- he's one of the most-polished freshman bigs I've ever seen -- and very much to do with relationship struggles between him and the coaching staff. I can't really delve much further into it without making one side or the other sound like 'the bad guy', except to say his visions of what he should be doing on the floor didn't align with what the coaching staff wanted him to do.
  11. I'm 95% sure the coaching staff was responsible for the decision to remove him from the team. As for Bamba, I have a hard time justifying a guy like him having to stay in college longer than he already does with reasons other than "I really like him in burnt orange". He's ready to contribute to the NBA now, why put an artificial barrier up to someone who is ready to make money at their dream.
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