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  1. Good for Mr Collins and good for the University of Texas! HOOK'EM
  2. Happy New Year! Everyone be safe tonite! I will enjoy this W and the offseason.
  3. Why run to the strength of utahs defense? Its the last game of the year...pass to set up the run imo
  4. Success leaves clues. Yurcich has the experience and the numbers that prove he is a top notch OC. Great hire for the Horns!!!
  5. Transfer U getting curb stomped..35-7 over 9min left in 2nd qtr
  6. Did CTH already hint that YOURIT is going to be the new oc? Local news in ATX is reporting that he is..
  7. How about Danny O'shea? If hes not available then TH can reach out to his brother Kevin O'shea.
  8. The entire defensive staff needs to be fired starting with the safety and corner backs coach and their assistants..they are a total failure. Texas is ranked 124th in the nation against the pass so I would start there immediately after this game.
  9. This entire staff is inept. They should all be replaced.Its shameful how BU already boast the #1 defense in the B12 while Herman and Orlando showcase a shitshow every week. Ruhle already has his team playing faster and more fundamentally sound thats why they are 10-1. Texas has talented players but the team is not prepared week in and week out thats 100% coaching. Texas has had top ten recruiting classes but when is the talent evident on the field? Good well coached teams dont beat themsleves many times the horns are their on worst enemy..it pissess me off to see poor execution..all season the
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