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  1. “Longhorn Nation, We’re BRUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU’d” or at least something similar to that
  2. Will this be announced today? Or sometime this week?
  3. We’re looking good for Bru again? I feel like there’s so much contradicting info out there outside of HS that it’s hard to have a clear idea what’s going on lol
  4. Honestly probably Sanders b/c I feel decent about where we are at with WRs currently on the roster and currently committed. Who knows if Sanders jumps on board it may help with Bru? Lol
  5. Definitely! I’ll say this, compared to Cook and Green I’d take Ringo over them
  6. It looks to be true! I’ve seen Ringo play in person and this kid is special.
  7. I’m a young enough millennial to help decipher this... he’s hinting that the 2020 class is about to be “Sick” or “Nasty” in the positive sense. The “shh” at the end just means we’ll have some commits soon enough but I don’t think it’s hinting a imminent commit watch. Hope that helps?
  8. I truly believe it’s that CDC effect ever since he left TCU to come to Texas.
  9. Yeah I’d feel a lot better if Sanders scheduled another trip to Texas on his own dime! If he does that It’ll be very interesting
  10. It should be noted that Sanders has his OV for LSU against Bama set and then has his Bama OV for the Iron Bowl set so he’ll basically see Bama up close and personal for two big games so I still think it’ll be a tough pull for us !
  11. Seriously! And now Maryland is losing 28-7... it’s crazy to me that we lost to that team
  12. If Tusla converted on those chip shot field goals and 2 dropped TDs it should be 37-21 Tusla
  13. If Tusla didn’t miss those chip shot field goals and didn’t drop those two TD passes... we should be losing this game! That’s sad and doesn’t bode well for the rest of the season.
  14. Well I don't think he has specific ties to the University per say. But he is linked to Coach Drayton in a way. Drayton recruited his cousins the "Pouncey Twins" to Florida while working under Urban.
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