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  1. @Sirhornsalot I close on a new home around Sugar Land in 19 days. The home builder is NewMark. They have been great so far, but we noticed on the day we signed the contract that there was a little standing water around the back porch. They promised to install new drains right away. We go on June 8th to do our walk through of the property to fix any possible issues. What exactly should I be looking for that day to ensure that standing water issue is fixed and new drain actually works? Thanks for your help. I always enjoy these articles.
  2. I think his point is more that Fathers do not need to prohibit their daughters from marrying football players just because they are black. A point I completely agree with.
  3. Seems that way. No clue why? He’s tall but moved really well in film. Thought he’d be a great fit in this team.
  4. Ibraheem commits June 15th. Like our odds at this point.
  5. Interested to see where we play Kerstetter this year. Center? Right tackle? Right Guard? My guess is Center with Okafor at RG and maybe Tyler Johnson at Right Tackle.
  6. What are the odds Milroe sticks with us? I've seen several people say he is still communicating with schools. 80%? Higher? Lower?
  7. What? didn't he just commit? Wth happened?
  8. Thought we had a real chance at this guy. Hopefully Oregon sucks it up this year without Herbert.
  9. So many commitments! Why all right now?
  10. Kid seems like a rock solid player in film. If he gets a tick faster as his body fills out we are on to something!
  11. Damn. He's a stud. Could be a problem.
  12. Damn. Would for sure suck to lose those 2.
  13. Out of left field! I like it! Any thoughts on him? Haven’t seen the film or heard about him!
  14. These virtual campus tours will be more and more popular. Glad we have a large recruiting staff who can help make sure these go smoothly. If done well that may be a game changer for us to land some guys.
  15. Would love that. Take Burris and Smith from Texarkana. Makes losing Jackson much easier to take.
  16. I do think Barron was your typical “Late Riser”. Apparently took a big step forward his senior year. Wasn’t a take after his junior film. Could be wrong though.
  17. This bumps us to the 8th best class in the country for the year. Solid addition after the loss of a couple CB commits. Looking at his film I'd take Barron over Eaton every time!
  18. Does the addition of Barron take a corner off the board in 2021? Or do we still take at least 2?
  19. I still think a DL class of Sanders, Thomas, Turner, and maybe an out of state guy is rock solid. Have to keep Sanders and close Thomas. I honestly think that’s a better combo than Jackson and Burris. Definitely wanted Jackson but we are going to miss on a bunch of guys each cycle. Not the end of the world and not a surprise.
  20. In the right offense with the right QB Collin will be a problem. I just don't know if Jax is it. I think he will still have his spectacular catches from Minshew just throwing it up to him.
  21. Great to be done at a position this early. And with 2 of our highest prospects on the board. Now we can let Boulware help out on LJ Johnson and the other RBs since he has a relationship with some of those guys.
  22. I’m honestly not to worried about this class. We seem to be doing decent so far. And I’ve never thought we were in the lead or close to it for Jackson.
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