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  1. Byrd would be great. Why not someone like Donovan Jackson? Go real big. lol
  2. Surprised how low he is ranked based off his film and his father's pedigree. Not a flashy take but I could see him developing into a starter for us! Welcome and Hook Em!
  3. Some of his highlights against Ketron Jackson were enough for me to see his explosiveness. Excited about him.
  4. You’d have to thing Lengyel commits within a week right? If we have to work for that one then... oh boy.
  5. Out of nowhere but I love it! Really good team he is on. Would love to break more into South Dallas.
  6. So do we want him to commit to us or no? I suppose we do after all the effort we've put in for him. Also saw Herman is starting to retweet Savion Byrd. I guess we are trying to make up a ton of ground there...
  7. Good point! No clue why no one has offered then.
  8. Ezra seems nice in his interviews. Do we think it could be grades? He's the type of kid that TCU is usually all over.
  9. I thought the OL was good last year. We put up a ton of points. I don’t think the OL cost us any game. Hand at least had them playing pretty consistent IMO.
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