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  1. Never felt good about this and feel worse now. Don't feel real good about any of the alternatives either.
  2. My gut says the same thing. Just the way it is being handled feels so slimy....
  3. Gosh, I can only imagine how uninspired we will play on Saturday...
  4. Gosh. I hate the way this is being handled. If I'm Urban I'd make sure they stopped all the leaks before ever accepting anything. This is just like the Saban thing that MB said. And like the Jimbo thing at Aggy. At least they got the guy. Hopefully we do too.
  5. Every team in America needs at least one Cunningham. The energy and effort is unmatched. We still can't shoot but the added defensive intensity has made up for it and carried over from the end of last year. Though we aren't pressing, the defense is as good as we envisioned when Shaka was hired. It is at least fun watching this team!
  6. Jaylon is so good. I freaking love his film. Plus I'll take any top 500 ranked recruit from the Golden Triangle. They always seem to grind and meet or surpass expectation.
  7. We always felt like Mukuba's fall back school. He could have and would have committed awhile back if we were the pick in my opinion. Since Clemson can't have visits they had to do away with that rule and then officially took the commitment I assume.
  8. Byrd would be great. Why not someone like Donovan Jackson? Go real big. lol
  9. Surprised how low he is ranked based off his film and his father's pedigree. Not a flashy take but I could see him developing into a starter for us! Welcome and Hook Em!
  10. Some of his highlights against Ketron Jackson were enough for me to see his explosiveness. Excited about him.

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