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  1. Both of those things could be true. GH could have said no and withdrew before ever being offered. Also Herman could be meaning no formal offers were given as well, but maybe a verbal offer. Tons of loopholes in the story and quote.
  2. How would y'all feel about Chip Long potentially as the OC? I'm not sure Herman is even interested but did see this story. I've heard hes a great recruiter but I haven't watched Notre Dame enough to know how good of an offense they have. Thoughts? https://footballscoop.com/news/sources-chip-long-unlikely-to-return-to-notre-dame/
  3. No way in hell should Beck take that job. He can get a QB coach job and make more at a Power 5 school. I do like Walden as an up and comer. Don't think he's quite ready to be our playcaller yet, but he should be in contention to take Mehringer's job.
  4. He decommited from FSU after Taggart was fired. Not sure how wide open he really is.
  5. Well if tomorrow is the big day, I’d Sure would like some more smoke today! Lol
  6. Glad we are overturning every one of that idiot Athletic Directors mistakes.
  7. TFloss or SHA, Did I see this correctly? That TFB thinks Princely may come back on board?
  8. Why Taggart? Just curious. Don't know much about him besides he was the HC at South Florida and turned it around. Went to Oregon for a year and didn't do anything special. Then was a complete disaster at FSU. Is he an offensive or defensive guy?
  9. I’m actually excited. Want to see what the defense can do if a new DC comes in and has 13 bowl practices
  10. Agree. Think it’ll be the Alamo Bowl vs Utah. If not then the Camping World Bowl vs Notre Dame. Who has first pick of the Big 12?
  11. Has to be coming quick. I wonder if CDC has also met with Harrell to try to recruit him. But the longer this plays out the better for USC. You don’t drag your feet long for a coaching job you’re excited to accept. Herman shouldn’t lose these coaching recruiting battles. I don’t think he’s a dead man walking like Strong was in that OC hiring fiasco. Go close this guy.
  12. No that tweet is saying that if he was offered a job, he’d be open to taking it. Doubt he’d turn down a WR coach job
  13. UNLV last HC, Tony Sánchez, made $700k a year. Assuming they bump their next HC to $1 million (a significant raise) that would still be close to $1 million less than the Texas OC. Obviously that doesn’t account for control of your own program, but still significant money. UNLV is a low level Group of 5 job. I think if he stays 2 years at Texas he gets a low level Power 5 job or one of the high end Group of 5 jobs (UH, Memphis, Cincinnati, UCF, etc) and would make more money and be at place with higher chance of success. USC seems destined to fall short. I still see hope at Texas. Plus he’s close to home, more comfortable recruiting, and more money. Granted he’s already been there so I can see him not wanting to jump. But all in all I think Texas OC is the best job offer he has.
  14. I’m a Yea. Great success at UNT and USC. Good Texas ties.
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