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  1. Lol I do't drink hard but laugh every chance i get even call the police to pick drunks off the streets. They pretty much hate me when I ride around with my Longhorn flag waving in the air on their gamedays!!
  2. I think Chaisson fits great with these huys already on campus and could get geat rotation and a lot of snaps in his 1st season. Dude can really put on and put tremendous pressure on the QBs
  3. I think he's interested again especially if Sterlin & Maddox isn't there anymore. I think he was upset or somehing with the new Offense Staff and felt like they wasn't stable enough on offense for him to commit. We might have a chance since he's following some of the staff as we type.
  4. How close Sheffield is to committing and how many should we take this cycle??
  5. Okay what if he likes the new staff and wanted to return back to Texas? Especially when Texas missed on these OL in the Army all American game. Do you all think he is very interested now since texas missed on the Top guys? Oh and Ou SUCKS and I'm glad they missed completely.

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