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  1. Oh what COULD have been. Such a simple fix. That even Us Fans were calling all year.
  2. Hate being this guy but with a 4 man front this D has the talent to be something special. Playing lights out tonight
  3. The point is they proved you wrong Today.... and your still upset. Beating a team there suppose to beat is great to see. Enjoy the ass kicking Texas just handed out. Or don’t, either way.
  4. Great post. I agree, this isnt pretty by any means and the staff isnt out of the woods but I do think something changed on the offensive side of the ball. Change for the better. Kinda fun to watch
  5. Amazing what happens when UT throws the ball down field. Enough of the bubble screen bullshit. Haven’t read this whole thread but diggin the Offense today
  6. Kick the damn FG in 1st quarter and it doesn’t even come down to jumping off sides tired of that bullshit
  7. i don’t like the tweet. But did help me put this shit in perspective. Lot of injuries. But the defense wasn’t the only thing that looked like trash Saturday
  8. Offense didn’t come to play... if you hold Riley to 34 your in the game with any offense with a damn pulse. O-Line played straight garbage. credit to grinch... he knows how to coach.
  9. Tell me how at the university of Texas our best RB is a recruited QB. What a stud!
  10. Offense needs to pull there damn head out of there ass. Defense can’t keep stopping this Riley Offense. They need help
  11. Great first post. Delete account and try again
  12. Scratch that I just read Herman said mid October so may be close
  13. Haven’t watched the presser yet but wonder what the chances of J Whitt being back for RRR are? Said 4-6 weeks and that’ll be like 5 weeks I believe. I do like Rojo but it’d be nice to have Jordan back
  14. Yea I was just impressed. Hadn’t seen a number that high in my time. And it happened to pop up while I was on this chat lol
  15. Speaking of bad defenses. And I can say whatever the hell I want
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