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  1. Wow Seth McGowen OUT.... That’ll sting for the sooners
  2. It was shit officiating but Texas should have sealed this. Embarrassment to me.
  3. Can someone please tell me what the last defense formation was that Duggan scored on??? No one in the middle of the damn Line and he walks through. Then Ingram fumbles. Fed up with this shit.
  4. All my okielite friends chalking that performance up to lack of “prep” due to Rona... yea maybe there’s some of that but that team looked like trash. Chubba cant do anything with this O-Line
  5. Not sure where this goes but OKIELITE O-Line is TRASH. UT gonna wreck this team O-Line
  6. Yup, hope he gets out of this Kirk syndrome That’s a fact.
  7. I’m sure your seen it by now but if not, Whittington has to get some stuff removed in knee and Herman said 3-4 weeks... Thompson had crazy amount of stitches in ear but practiced with team today.
  8. Wow... what do you know foster changed his mind and worked out with the team today... “Rash decision based off playing time”. You QUIT your team during the game. Don’t know why the coaches are putting up with that BS
  9. Seen that, prob won’t be the last with all the shit going on. Kid was my favorite on the D but I wouldn’t let him back on the team if he decides to. Quit when you can’t handle adversity.
  10. Jake Smith pulled hamstring? Was excited to watch him ball Saturday
  11. So for TV streamers like myself what’s the best way to watch LHN? I got rid of Direct tv a year ago and never looked back... until this coming Saturday! A quick google search suggested “Vue” a 5 day free trial but any other suggestions?
  12. Don’t know where to put this or if people care BUT, OU losing Sermon to Ohio st and NOW lost Kennedy Brooks due to skipping the season to prepare for the NFL draft. Def Depleted RB room ahead. not to mention Riley sends the kids home a week a 9 come back positive with Covid. Ohh boy

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