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  1. Maybe once. Not seeing twice. Baylor is playing very close games with middling competition and will likely be exposed 2-3 times. Much like Texas last year.
  2. SI is projecting Texas to the Alamo Bowl and Baylor to the Sugar Bowl? Baylor eeked out wins vs. ISU and TT. They still have to play OSU, WVU, ousucks! and Texas. It’s hard to see them surviving as the B12 runner-up. LSU could end up playing in the Sugar Bowl in a rematch vs. Texas if neither wins their conference.
  3. Make ‘em kick field goals. 45-41 Texas
  4. Well UTfish, this makes the issues I’ve been stressing over today seem so much less serious, but I suffered the same glitch. When you’re right, you’re right, Soonershooter. Proof you CAN solve a basic math equation. However... SHA was righteously correct to call this lost soul out for his bush league “the-team-that-beat-the-team-you-played-by-a-larger-margin-lost-to-my-team-so-my team-is-better-than-your-team” mentality. Soonershooter, when and if ever you figure out the transitive property does not apply to football, or even what it is, you may be able to make a better dig at your rival fans. Until then, I suggest you stick to the ousucks! forums where they may never recognize your deficiencies.
  5. YOU brought the Okie State game into the conversation by posting that Texas “beat Pokes by 6”, which sounds like a line from an SNL ‘Frankenstein, Tonto and Tarzan’ sketch. But I digress. The score in the UT-OSU game was 42-31, not 36-30. Basic math to calculate the difference returns a result of 11, raising doubts regarding your ability to perform such a task. Gaslighting attempt fail. HOOK ‘EM! \\m//
  6. Sam! I think he was surprised to run free and untouched into the end zone.
  7. Horns D has been really solid after a less than stellar 1st quarter.
  8. OK. It WAS technically a lateral, but SC did have to catch it before running it in.
  9. Tuned in at start of 2nd half. Piggy over aggy 24-21 after two 3 & outs for collie and a solid TD drive for pig in the 3rd quarter. Arky is dominating aTm at the LOS on both sides of the ball. At this point, win or lose, aggy is being served a large portion of humble pie.
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