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  1. Seems Ou is using Herman's hot seat against us
  2. LB Jaydon Williams getting a run of ASU CBs. Funny how the dream school thing never works out for Texas.
  3. Ash said he wanted a fast defense and by putting Overshown and Owens at LB, that could very well be true.
  4. Seems LB recruiting is off to a fast start.
  5. I was umpiring a tournament this weekend and Landon Jackson's little brother was playing in it, so I asked him where is brother was going to go to college and he said either LSU or A&M. Side note, his little brother is 13 and already 6'2 and looks like an animal.
  6. Should have just rolled Duplantier for the 9th, he threw less than 10 pitches in the 8th.
  7. Surprised we haven't seen Ford at 2B yet, he had a solid year last year.
  8. Texas wins 6-2! I really like this lefty Hansen on the mound.
  9. Luckily only gave up 1 run, after it was bases loaded and no outs.
  10. Didn't get to follow today's games since I was on a golf course, but reading back through it was another solid game. Great to get a sweep to start the season. Looking forward to the 5 games on LHN this week.
  11. Dixon adds a HR. 5 round trippers in 2 games so far for Texas.
  12. Solid performance last night. Only bad was the 3 errors.
  13. 6-3 Texas, halfway through the game. Zubia has 4 RBIs so far
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