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  1. I was honestly very optimistic that this coaching change was going to improve the defense.
  2. Interested thought, I'd kick the tires at least
  3. Its bleak for sure. Guess I'll start rooting for Coastal Carolina, their 4-0 and have kids that actually play hard and with heart based on tonight's game
  4. My copper canyon dasie is looking terrible. Yea, it dies down in winter, but this started about a month or so ago. We did have an bad year with the white flies, damaged a lot of lawns in my neighborhood, so maybe that had something to do with it. I'd appreciate any suggestions to help it before the winter dormancy comes.
  5. Totally agree, see that fumble replayed in my head all the time.
  6. I watch other games and CBs aren't 9yds off the WR, no they are press overage. I see OL that actually run block. LBs that use these appendiges called arms to wrap up who they are tackling. Its just so discerning to see what was supposed to be tallent thru recruiting look like freshman high school players amongst men. Our program is just so so far behind right now.
  7. Are we recruiting anyone from DeSoto? Good gracious they hung 37 on Judson at halftime
  8. Want to get the Harbinger but cant find it. Almost got the Prometheus, so glad to know it's good too. Next purchase
  9. Want to get the Harbinger but cant find it. Almost got the Prometheus, so glad to know it's good too. Next purchase
  10. Good morning Mark, I'm having new fence put in. Parts of my yard are now trampled between the fence work area and their truck. Mud covering the grass, grass packed down now, etc. Unfortunately this is part of the lawn we successfully repaired post Harvey flooding thanks to your assistance (ref conversation from a few years ago). What would be good measures to help bring the grass back to life? Thanks, I'll hang up and listen. And as always, Hookem
  11. Still so much fun to watch. Same emotions. Still get disgusted at seeing Bush and Leinherts parents over and over and over. But feeling fantastic at the end.
  12. My brother in law and I basically switch to the BB game periodically just to,...sadly...., see how bad were usually loosing.

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