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  1. Ketron Jackson is trending Texas. WR class is starting to shape up nicely. Add him an Alexis (way underrated, big time verified speed) and it becomes a good haul. Everything other than OL looks good at the moment.
  2. Marcus Burris top 3 are Texas, OU, and aggy. Will be interesting to see how this unfolds. Missing this year with torn achilles and seems like OU has backed off and maybe aggy won't have room??
  3. Don't bet on it. Wiltfong had a pick in but just changed his confidence level to low at 2.
  4. Ewers is #1 in the nation on 247 and ESPN now.
  5. I don't see how Blake can think Hand isn't a developer of OL. He's done it at every stop and the only 2 OL Herman took in his 1st class, one is projected top 10 pick and the other could end up going in a decent round as well.
  6. Hard to believe Blake would have beef with Herman after he put Luke on scholarship.
  7. This guy needs an offer like 3 weeks ago and should be a take regardless of what the Brockermeyer's do. Roach already said we'd be in his top schools list even without an offer. Don't wait and fool around until after the Brocks more than likely pick Bama'. https://247sports.com/Player/Ezra-Oyetade-46096582/
  8. Johnathan Grey's injury right? Think the DT from TCU also had this injury, Blacklock.
  9. This is going to be the biggest kick in the nuts on a recruiting miss in probably forever. What a joke.
  10. This is a bad look. He was 2nd to Milroe in recruiting for this class. Curious to see what comes out of this.
  11. They are doing the same with Quinn Ewers as well.
  12. Didn't even seem like OU was involved much with Smith or Burris until recently and now both are about to commit. This is a make or break season for Herman. Another dud like last year and we are back at square 1 and we'll lose commits again. Get to and/or win Big 12 and knock on the door of the playoffs and kids will beat down the door to come here. I like to think option is what happens as IMO we've upgraded significantly at OC and DC. What happens now is as important as what happens during the season.
  13. He said in an interview talking about his top 6 that he hasn't even spoke to Pelini yet. Spiegelman likes to jump the gun a lot to.
  14. He just entered the ESPN 300 and 247 is having a rankings update sometime during the next week and his name was mentioned in an article as someone looking at getting a ratings increase.
  15. Aggy got crystal ball picks today for 2 different DL from Pennsylvania or somewhere. Hope Marcus Burris is taking note and will jump on board.
  16. Brockermeyer's will be the difference in a real good to great class and a really great class to elite/championship level haul.
  17. Burris also didn't make it to the aggy Super Bowl event right before the shutdown. Think Ash is playing a big part in this one as well.
  18. Class is starting to look good. Wiltfong thinks we are in a good spot with Ibraheem and making things interesting with Harmon. WR seems a concern atm, and we are going to have to sweat out the Brockermeyer's recruitment. Would be nice to get back in with Byrd and Foster. Need to get them Arizona OL on campus at some point.
  19. Jordon Thomas is committing tomorrow.
  20. Clayton Smith will be a DE/edge rusher and so will Derrick Harris IMO. Don't think either is an off the ball LB.
  21. I don't think Burris has ever visited OU and has said he's staying in-state and only OV's were going to be Texas and aggy. If the burning bridges part is true, we need to take advantage and pounce on that.
  22. Rumor that Landon Jackson may be committing to LSU soon.
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