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  1. When Wiltfong put in the aggy pick for LJ his confidence level was 4 and he's since dropped it to 1.
  2. Just now seeing all this. This would be a huge hire. I just hope this isn't another Lanning situation, but that got squashed pretty quick. Haven't seen any other site besides TFB mention it, but also haven't seen any denials/he's staying either.
  3. In regards to recruiting or a certain "gold"ing DC?
  4. Seems odd Suchomel would switch his rivals forecast pick from Texas to aggy.
  5. We don't wont Lupoi as sole DC. Chip said he'd take a Co-DC. I say do it and let the other call in the plays. $$ isn't an issue now, give Lupoi a blank check and let him do work on the recruiting trail.
  6. Georgia 247 mod says the Lanning talk is real and in early stages. A poster on surly who claims to know someone involved with Lanning (he posted earlier in the week Lanning was contacted) says it's pretty much a done deal. Guess we'll see.
  7. Gerry Hamilton said a SEC Coach told him he thinks it'll be Arnett.
  8. You guys need to watch Mississippi State film from this past season. Lots of defense with 4 men on the LOS.
  9. TFB says we offered him double what he currently makes.
  10. We had 2 DL Coaches this year. Davis + Tosh on DT/DE. Ansley + Gideon in secondary at CB/S. Maybe keep Hutzler at LB. That'd be an All-Star staff. Make Tosh and Ansley Co-DC's with Ansley calling/running things.
  11. Don't me to excited. That would be an insane defensive/recruiting staff.
  12. Gideon was at Auburn same time as Muschamp and his 1st year at South Carolina . . .

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