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  1. IT and TFB with smoke today about things ramping up with Urban.
  2. Don't care. We can either get someone that has a proven track record and has won championships everywhere he's been, develops talent, and will bring in top 5 classes regularly or hire another Strong/Herman and keep being a joke and repeat what has happened the last decade+. Went and did stuff with the family today and honestly didn't even feel sad about missing the game.
  3. This class is going to be brutal in a bad way.
  4. If you guys want a laugh, Looch said if aggy and Texas played that the aggy DL would destroy Texas and the aggy OL would wear down and run all over the Texas D'
  5. Does anybody think the Brock's can be flipped or should we just forget it?
  6. Is Landon Jackson flippable with all the mess going on at LSU and the potential for a bad year, or should we just forget that one?
  7. Shemar Turner was supposedly going to visit aggy this weekend like last week when he visited Austin, but never made it.
  8. Flip JoJo and the staff will take Regis and Mukuba. Maybe big Ike.
  9. Seems silly to leave because of someone coming in behind you. Bryce Young still has 3 years at Bama'.
  10. Super K thinks Texas is the leader for both Wheaton and LJ and doesn't know how the staff is going to handle it.
  11. OU mod on Rivals just changed his pick on Quinn Ewers to Texas.
  12. May be 22' related. Oklahoma mod on Rivals just changed his OU pick on Quinn Ewers to Texas.
  13. TFB says we may be getting an unexpected high profile commit. Should happen soon.

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