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  1. Yikes there is some negativity in here. After waking up at 3am to watch this game I was ready to go back to bed by about 3:15 but I stayed awake and I thought we fought back well. Offensively you can't complain we are throwing short too much and then in the same breath complain we are holding the ball and taking sacks. What's the alternative? Throw intermediate? My knock on the offense was getting away from the run game too early, our olines inability to handle a stunt, Sam not giving Collin enough chances in 1v1 and the WRs not holding onto the ball!! But we still scored 24 points in the second half. Defensively we got pressure, Hurts just scrambled and killed us. I have 0 idea why we didn't have a spy on him ever. BJ is clearly injured worse than they have let on he didn't play with anywhere near the same fire he usually does. Our DBs continue to get lost too much in zone coverage, I would love for Orlando to play some more man. My biggest gripe is our punt and kick return units are a joke. Surely on a roster of 100+ we have someone competent to out back there
  2. I use Youtube TV and think it's a great service except the lack of LHN. I tried AT&T when it was Direct TV it wasn't too bad but the interface was no where near as clean and easy as YouTube
  3. As most of you guys know I'm an Australian Longhorn fan. I use a work around to get YouTube TV here for football season to get all the Texas Games on every channel except Longhorn network which I can't get. I'm hoping one of you kind gentleman can lend me a Watch ESPN login that has access to LHN for opening weekend.
  4. I can't wait for the Aggy update after Alford commitment. It's going to be fantastic
  5. My guess would be head or neck related. They will always go on the side of caution with those injuries
  6. I like our chances then. Everytime he backs off we get a commitment
  7. To me the only thing that could of turned CTJ away is the Dad thing or no clear path to playing time. As mentioned above he would have a tough time getting on the field at safety or joker for the next 2 years minimum
  8. Runs good routes but more importantly seems to catch everything. 2 CB's for him to Texas today.
  9. Man I hope he commits soon. I absolutely love his tape. 1. Crawford 2. Robinson 3 Dorbah
  10. His quote seems weird. He wants to play for a team that is competing for a natty but adds LSU to his list?? If I’m Herman I wouldn’t give up on Evans, if we can churn out a 10+ win season and look good before NSD1 he may see the light
  11. If I had to guess he realised his path to playing time at Texas wasn’t going to be as easy as he thought.
  12. Crazy for a kid to me who now looks to be comfortably over 200 pounds
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