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  1. Couldn't they say commit now only if you won't look at an LSU offer? Yes saying it is one thing, but it's still something. Maybe they know enough about the kid to believe him. Just interesting to think about the angles.
  2. Seems like we were playing a four man front a lot. And had a pass rush. I don't remember seeing either much this year.
  3. From the computer screen it looks and sounds like the atmosphere has completely transformed. Credit new Ad for making it about the kids. Finally, so smart.
  4. Yes works perfect. Though I had a PS account so it was easier to give them my info.
  5. For all you cord-cutters out there the Playstation Vue free trial works like a champ.
  6. Re: Bru Get back into your mind at 17/18 years old. Yeah, integrity, academics of course, yada yada, meet that basic threshold, then really don't you (shouldn't you) want to make sure that you have fun in college? USC football is not fun right now. Texas is fun. Kid ain't no fool, seems to me.
  7. Everybody rightfully praising LJ over the top for the win but his one handed 3rd down catch that saved the drive earlier was even more pressure packed and impressive.
  8. We've been giving opponents early leads and late chances all year and somehow coming out with wins. You can't sustain that. But the lesson was never learned. Hopefully we'll learn it now.
  9. We are getting beat across the board. Best we can hope for is a halftime coaching adjustment / turnaround.
  10. I guess we're about to find what this team is really made of.
  11. This is a trap game if ever there was one. Coming off the bye week on the road with a pesky opponent. The good news is if we win we run the table until the playoffs, setting up a magnificent ten year run including two national championships. Yes that elevated quickly. Go horns.
  12. Free IT says: "Could not find measurables online but looks like he has above average to elite deep speed; I would be surprised if he was slower than a 4.4. Appears to have some elusiveness in open field and enough of a second gear to run away from people. Athleticism and speed probably make him a threat from anywhere. Vertical should be very good too. " I guess you found measurables but he doesn't look lacking in speed to me either. Unless he's blowing by guys running 5.2's. We do need more speed.
  13. Also seems like a great opportunity to give next year's corners some butterfly-stomach / starting-on-the-road live action without too much risk. Knock on wood.
  14. He doesn't look too shabby as a QB to me, electric runner who can make some crazy throws (see those quick shots on the run and across the body). That's Herman's bread and butter, no? Though a really big badass DB is pretty cool.
  15. Man thanks for that summary. I'd bet both CJ and LJH are gone. CJ has cleared up his deficiencies and LJH is just too interesting a player. Both were recruited by Strong. Both will go 3rd round or up IMO and probably fine with that (or maybe I'm just not very hopeful after last year's exits). I hope McCoy and Smith are licking their chops.
  16. Man we may be top 5 after the bye week. That's coo coo.
  17. Winning with our backup all game won't cost us and may really help us. Go horns. Damn that was fun / terrifying. Happy halloween.
  18. A stop and a score and another lesson learned, let's go now.
  19. let's hope he's not really hurt and knows it. and he's just pissed. though that wouldn't be the best response.
  20. Poor ESPN. When FS1 announcers (these last weeks) run laps around you, things are bad. Maybe the regular color guy got food poisoning and they found this guy on a bench somewhere.
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