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  1. I just tuned into game and swear I just saw G Wilson score a TD and do Horns Down. Damn how bitter can you be? Moving to Ohio and trashing your home town. lol. Somebody slapped his momma. I'd love to see Floyd beat him down.
  2. If he signs with SC he's basically admitting he's not Big 12 ready. Baylor would not take his signature, I know that for a fact. Smallish forearms. Not a coach on the field.
  3. I wonder if the "news" bru got was something of this development. What I really hope is that all the assholes on all the boards who slam anyone still hoping we sign bru are called out and embarrassed for being the losers they are when bru signs with the good guys. But like John Snow I know nothing.
  4. Roach is such an interesting player. Sometimes guys who can play several positions never settle into one. Let's hope he focuses on one role this off season, gets his body right for it, and carries that into some $$ after next year.
  5. We've played well but gotten two special teams breaks and a turnover. If they get some breaks like we did the mo will change quickly. Gotta keep the ole foot on their throats.
  6. Well we didn't make Murray cry like I wanted, but maybe our friends at Bama will do it. They may even make him shit his pants at this rate.
  7. Young was solid his freshman year, even flashed a few times. Looks like he lost confidence to me. People shouldn't sell him short. He could really be valuable if he gets his mojo back.
  8. You've seen more than I have that's for sure. If he's great catching it out of the backfield that certainly gives us something we need after Watson.
  9. I guess I don't buy the hardship argument. I mean what are the odds of someone sustaining a career ending injury in a bowl game these days? It's like getting hit by lightening. And they'll only drop a few rounds (pretty much worst case scenario, no?) but they will still be lifted way out of poverty (if that's where they were). And all the goodwill and support of their school and fan base will be worth a lot when they leave the game. Maybe significantly more. How long does the average career last anyway? I do agree they are getting bad advice. Very hard to put a value on self worth vs the ignobility of letting down your friends for money.
  10. Barlow looks very average to me, running through big holes with little wiggle and vision. I'd pass and let Smith or Wittington run the ball if we get super desperate.
  11. They are amateurs, not professionals. And I for one hope we never change that. It's the whole freaking point. Get a free education. Get free gear. Get free food. Get free lodging. And if you get hurt get free medical attention and then use your free education to live your life like a normal person. (I'd even be totally cool with some kind of power 5 or Div 1 slush fund for per diem during the season or something like that). But if you are a player on the team, play the season. I don't like it but I can understand an exception for a first round pick in the Jimmy's Used Cars Bowl on a 6-6 team, but a 10-2 team in the Sugar Bowl? Lame.
  12. This is just the kind of game I think that attitude is bullshit. Kid should play. I'd be pissed if I was Georgia. It's the freaking Sugar Bowl. Show up. But I'm glad he's not
  13. I think they will be surprised by this Texas team and if we get a few breaks we'll take that surprise to the finish line. Penalties, agreed, as key. Texas 31 Georgia 29
  14. If Hookfin already got a sshhh then is that a fresh sshhh or an old ssshhh sshhhhing again?
  15. LJ, CJ and DD are all studs. Duverney does not miss. He never has. Like two drops. That is huge. The three of them next year should wreck shop.
  16. Maybe I'm confused about the whole Bru secret signing thing but it seems that the team that did not get his secret LOI would have no incentive to keep it secret. They will probably spill it to someone if they haven't already.
  17. You know Baylor's sitting there right now going "Texas gave that kid an F350."
  18. I gotta say talking about the other team cheating after you lose is lame. Did we cruise the grey area last year? Is that the only way to get a great class? No and no.
  19. For a little perspective, imagine being OU, a blue blood that's won the Big 12 about every year and produced the last two Heisman winners and their class is no better than ours. All is fine. jkw - just keep winning.
  20. It seems to me that the people saying no way about Sanders (and Bru to some extent) are doing so from an emotional place whereas the people feeling like we have a decent shot are following the reporting. Even the reporting that says no way seems to be saying no way because that would be "shocking" not because of any scuttlebutt.
  21. The kool aid view would be that some choice Aggy and OU commits but especially Aggy commits want to jump ship but are afraid for their livestock and cousins and whatnot, so they're keeping it on the DL. And Sanders and McCoy.
  22. I'm sure a staff's priorities shift but I hope we don't full on ghost any kids we offer. That would be lame.
  23. And if none of it happens, we'll still have some playmakers on both sides of the ball and two top ten classes in a row. But I believe Bru and Sanders and Leal breaking hard from Aggy and a surprise Alabama flip 5-star DL Let's go now.
  24. Agree. Add one of the 5 stars, Caleb Johnson and another DL we can be marginally stoked about and this class is badass.
  25. The Glass / Katy negativity is weak minded to me. The tape is the tape and the offers are the offers. He's tough, sneaky fast, good lateral movement and vision, with good balance. He's not Kyle Porter. They were smart to show him busting tackles up front on his tape and not a bunch of mile wide holes. Plus everyone bitches about competition and then they get someone with competition and say but his o-line is too good! If we miss on Sanders, he and Brown are super solid takes and we hope for Evans next year.
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