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  1. What about the Kitan Crawford offer? Maybe he's grown an inch or two since these highlights lol. He's certainly electric / fast as hell and a hell of a ball player but at that size I only see a return specialist and that's a tough sell when you've got badass players who can return the ball and play other positions. https://247sports.com/Player/Kitan-Crawford-46056950/
  2. Me feels Cooper and Garth. Love Q Johnson's film, smooth, quick on the ball for his size, looks like he'll get beastly as he fills out, like Kenny Burroughs. Not as fast as 00 of course, but with those huge strides he flies by guys whose legs are going twice as fast. Any idea on his track speed?
  3. I can't imagine a better scenario for our OL and team if Jones really has blossomed enough to take that spot. That would give us serious tackle depth and red-shirting for the first time since I can remember. Incredibly gruntling.
  4. He should learn the belly rub. Likes to eat people. Looks like a future DE to me.
  5. If LSU passes us it's because they paid 247 cash money. It's fixed, crooked I tell ya.
  6. Yes I was considering you when I wrote that. But since you aren't on the payroll as far as I know, we'll let it slide. Make some calls!
  7. We should have grass. It's old school cool and we are old school cool. But maybe we don't have the technical expertise to keep it nice (calling out them bitches).
  8. Didn't even think about that. If this stuff goes down we'll certainly have big mo and that might make all the difference with that kinda playa. I know it would be fun to imagine Yancy on his ass.
  9. With all the Bruha I don't see much on Lakia Henry. Can anyone give us some insight there? Film looks good. Arky and Ole Miss look like the main competition. Seems Henry could be a huge missing piece to a confidently stacked D and a real playoff run. Also same school as Johnson, no? With him having such success, seems like a big fat win.
  10. So Helton doesn't even have to go. Kingsbury is enough. Hmm. I wonder if Kingsbury and then LJ surprising (some) by declaring early changed Brus math, turned the tide. Holy shizzit that would be badass. Either way, hilarious. Just when the Bru-stakes were almost forgotten.
  11. If an HC leaves isn't that one of the few ways a kid can get out of their LOIs? Helton - Bru. You heard it here first. Sort of embarrassed for saying tho lol.
  12. Nobody has been counting on either of them contributing next year. Barring calamity, we'll be fine, and even then we have Smith after Wittington (both electric, and built). We can make something work in a pinch.
  13. Some info seems to be missing. I don't see how anyone would be overly surprised or turned off by players calling out rival programs or conferences (unless as stated they are just pussies).
  14. Do people think Demas came to Austin intending to stir shit and boost the Aggies?
  15. The one thing these kids have probably had the most in their lives. Must have been really special.
  16. I imagine if there was another Watson out there, we'd throw our hat in the ring. Prob not one though. So hope our young guys can step in if their numbers are called. They have the talent.
  17. Yeah, I guess I saw one of their pre-season rankings in the top ten I think and starting thinking about it. I doubt they win 9 games.
  18. What if we play A&M in next years semi-final? Good lord have mercy that would be a trip. Let's be clear I wish them no fun whatsoever. They exist to be constantly melting down, exposed to mockery and suffering terribly by comparison. But I believe there would be some hype for that match up.
  19. Great to hear. A full year of doing what he did plus some ball skill growth will show more people how good (and fast) he really is. Read: $. Commence project Overshawn snaps.
  20. In any other year him leaving would be a significant blow. But not this year IMO. Wittington can be the RB LJ was and perhaps though not as dominant (early in his career) still add some wiggle to the passing game. Also gets Jake on the field early and often. I wonder if any of that -- not abandoning his brothers to a shitty situation -- played into his thinking. Hope so.
  21. If we aren't getting someone at least in the same ball park as Brown and Young (as far as ability to contribute next year goes), I'm totally cool with Ingram, Young, Brown, Johnson (I believe!), with help from Wittington in a pinch and possibly Porter still. Why sign a body when Wittington can be the body and we save the ship? Grad Transfer another deal.
  22. Man I'm going to miss not seeing him ball on Saturdays. Not a big NFL guy but I'll tune in to watch him. Love unique skill set guys. Plus he seems like a great kid to me.
  23. OU is going to be stacked. With us surging and beating people up this is going to be an epic return to the best rivalry in college football.
  24. Looks like they are basically making the horns down their hand signal. That's fine. Let them be aggy.
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