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  1. Texas should win this game by double digits, but my confidence in Herman and the team is completely shattered. If it's another nail biting win by a couple of points or OT I'll still be pissed.
  2. I lost my healthcare when Obamacare was instituted. I've been uninsure since. I couldn't afford it anymore. Last time I looked it would cost me $600 a month and that was 5 years ago.
  3. Here's an article that states the lyrics to "I've Been Working On The Railroad" are deeply racist, but never presents any proof. It's all conjecture as the article goes along. This article uses words like "theory", "believe" and "possible" The saying by Robert E. Lee that the South's eye were upon you simply meant don't dishonor yourself we are watching. That same message was what University President William Lambdin Prather admonished Texas students upon graduation. "The eyes of Texas are upon you," meaning that the state of Texas was watching and expecting the students to go out and do
  4. From what I heard this morning from B & E on The Horn, the faculty is at fault here. There seems to be a group of professors that are pushing the racist narrative concerning the "Eyes". Effing libtards. These morons are single handedly destroying this nation's youth.
  5. That seemed to be obvious about 45 minutes in.
  6. QB play. That's why the last 3.5 years seem better. The defense was historically bad in that time period and has gotten worse under Herman. Combine that with his arrogance and obvious insubordination concerning CDC and 'The Eyes" controversy and you have the reason why people are bad mouthing him and wanting to kick him to the curb.
  7. Biden is starting to stutter and stammer. lol
  8. The only things coming out of Biden's mouth is lies and rhetoric. He hasn't laid out any plan of how to combat covid other than to say wear masks.
  9. How is it affecting you? Hopefully you are symptom free or mild.
  10. The Chip Brown story that is linked in your article is damning.
  11. I was talking about the statement on their tweet that said "Texas band won't play at Baylor game due to 'Eyes of Texas' controversy" That is a patently false statement. They haven't played at any games this year. Had they played at a game this bullshit would have started before the UTEP game.
  12. I love Dabo but I wouldn't hire him. He'll be off to Bama as soon as Saban retires.
  13. Isn't that statement by Heartland incorrect? Has the band been to any game this season?
  14. They were vetting/working a deal with Herman the last time they were looking. Before Strong was fired. LSU forced their hand. This time there doesn't seem to be a second party. Knock on wood.
  15. I watched last night for the first time this season. I put up with all the blm bs, I knew it would be there. But when the $90M turnover machine struck for the second time last night I had to turn it off.
  16. Thanks, Let's put UT on top of that list.
  17. Facebook has people working overtime to censor free speech. My wife has had eight posts deleted in the last two days.
  18. I thought aggy was paying Fisher $10M per year.
  19. I just heard an announcer say "all the eyes of Texas are on a&m" after beating Florida. That stung.
  20. 1. Urban Meyer 2. Mike Gundy 3. Matt Rhule 4. P J Fleck 5. Neal Brown 6. Bronco Mendenhall
  21. Wish list or realistically?
  22. Too much baggage. Turning a blind eye to multiple rapes is unforgivable.
  23. If this is true Herman should have been canned on the spot.

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