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  1. Normally, to adhere to Bear's teachings......F aggy, but this is to funny.
  2. Juwan Mitchell. 240 lb thumper with 3 yrs left. Thank goodness it's not him in the portal.
  3. Did I hear Craig Way correctly? 8 of the top 10 Class 2A D2 lost?
  4. He had a shoulder issue when he got here, right?
  5. Can a player in the transfer portal play while he is in the portal?
  6. Ingram still doesn't look like a #1 RB. I think Herman and Stan Drayton might be holding him back. Robinson can't get here fast enough.
  7. Coaches probably didn't like his sliding catch.
  8. He probably should. No need to turn a tweak into a pulled or torn hamstring.
  9. I'm breaking my own rule. Texas 63 Rice 14
  10. SEC...SEC...SEC...SEC...SEC..................
  11. A healthy Big 12 is a good thing. Now lets add two teams and really make it a good conference.
  12. Man, I thought Justin Fuente was a better coach. It just proves the axiom, "Never be the one to replace a legend"
  13. I'm not worried about Kansas, but Miles has made a difference. Any success he has can only help the whole Big 12.
  14. Ruh-roh. Kansas just beat BC in Boston. Les Miles might be the right guy. When was the last time KU started the season 2-1?
  15. I try not to predict scores because the exact opposite seems to happen. But I would love to see Texas give Keaontay Ingram 20+ touches. They need to get his confidence up.
  16. Who does the rat bastard write for? FIFY
  17. I know I'm late to the party but it always takes me a while to be objective after a loss. There a couple of takeaways from the game I'd like to share. 1. The two trips inside the 5 yard line in the 1st quarter. The first 4th down attempt I'm okay with, the second, not so much. We have seen this cost Texas several times in the past. Call it hubris, stubbornness or arrogance, Herman needs to scout himself on that particular scenario and look at his success rate. We're lucky Herman's 4th down goal line hubris didn't cost us the Sugar Bowl. 2. Maybe I'm being an alarmist but it seems to me the defense always gives up scores at critical times as the game proceeds in the 2nd half. I know it's early in the season, but this happened a lot last year as well.
  18. Kerrville Tivy 42 Fredericksburg 35. Back and forth the whole game. 5A vs 4A. Next week the Billies take on Bastrop Cedar Creek and Alfred Collins. Another 5A school.
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