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  1. Just the mention of removing TEOT has had a negative effect. It seems all the other demands aren't important. TEOT has become the focal point.
  2. When a study of a larger group of patients being administered Hydroxychloroquine came out it was labelled as anecdotal. But this one isn't? Looks like an agenda to me.
  3. If there is no season are current college players required to use up a season of elligibility? Will signing day be pushed back? If there isn't any school this fall what happens to credits toward graduation? Is HS graduation pushed back?
  4. Irrationality. There's a lot of that going around these days. All from the left and its MSM apparatus.
  5. Cook, Mitchell are probably gone. Cosmi, Ossai and Sterns could easily declare early.
  6. Agreed. Commits from Cali have been problematic.
  7. Michael Huff, Aaron Ross and the Griffin twins are my absolute favorites. They were worthy of bringing DBU to its apex. That 2005 secondary was sick (is that the correct lingo?) And of course I forgot Tarrel Brown
  8. The link I posted earlier has a chart/map that shows the % of hospital beds in use for each region.
  9. You must be fairly young. Some things just do not happen with a threat or a snap of the fingers. You will learn that as you grow older. I can guarantee you that UT is moving slowly because conservative millionaires are voicing their concern over The Eyes and state money going to political groups. The statues and building names are just window dressing at this point and everyone knows it.
  10. Sounds like young people are full of themselves these days. Demands for instant gratification are not conducive to well thought out plans of action. Be patient, the liberals running UT will cave. And just because it's a public university doesn't mean that all its business is conducted publicly.
  11. BTW I tested negative. Hell of a time to catch a summer cold.
  12. https://apps.texastribune.org/features/2020/texas-coronavirus-cases-map/?_ga=2.173459552.210459524.1593732149-462918449.1593732149
  13. The Texas Tribune has some articles about this subject
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