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  1. I just turned that shit off. Shit show on the field and KU love in the booth. It is LHN, right?
  2. There is plenty to be negative about and plenty to be positive about going forward. But that was the ugliest 7 point loss I have seen in a long time (I've been wanting to say that all week).
  3. Texas needs to make a statement tonight. Hook'em.
  4. Hopefully he's right on this one. Win-win for Cowboys/Horns fans.
  5. Holgerson is a douche bag. I feel sorry for the juniors and seniors on his team. A coach owes it to his kids to put the best product on the field.
  6. I don't know if that's funny or not. Sometimes I feel like I got one foot in the grave and the other on a banana peel.
  7. Man, I hope you are wrong. The natives will become restless if that's the final score.
  8. I agree. I saw too many arm tackles without getting the head across the runner's body, too many lowered heads while lunging at the runner. One caveat I will put out there is Lamb and Hurts are extremely elusive. And Foster was playing with one arm only, so make that two caveats.
  9. I know I have been down on the Horns, even when they win, but I'm thinking last weekend was a wake up call for the coaches. Texas got bitch slapped and the coaches noticed.
  10. I see four losses for bailor. At Okie lite, at TCU, vs. hoe u and vs. Texas
  11. How about some fundamental drills. Watch the tackling. These guys have forgotten how to wrap up. Especially the secondary. It's starting to look like the Vance Bedford defense all over again.
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