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  1. Did Sanders get hurt? I see another name with 3 pass attempts.
  2. Fredericksburg 20 #10 Wimberley 21 Final
  3. Just saw that Lampasas - China Spring was cancelled
  4. I'm trying to watch a game on Vype but they want $10. That's robbery! I could drive to the stadium and get in for cheaper than that.
  5. Boogaloo boys = Antifa = N.F.A.C. They are all organizations with the intent to disrupt this nation. They are trash.
  6. There's some great games this weekend. Argyle (3-0) vs Waco La Vega (3-0) China Spring (3-0) vs Lampasas (3-0) Wimberley (2-1) vs Fredericksburg (3-0)
  7. You hate to say anything negative at a time like this but hopefully this allows Trump to nominate another justice.
  8. I saw them too, but if I remember correctly Texas didn't offer and he wanted one. Hell hath no wrath as a woman scorned.
  9. This year the deer are quick to find anything succulent. Before this weekend's rain I had visitors every day, my septic sprays in my backyard and the grass is several inches tall. There is a set of 2-1/2 year old twin 8 pointers that dine regularly in my backyard. They don't even flinch when I come out and talk to them. The acorns are good until the first hard freeze. Then they sour and the deer go back to corn. This year the liveoaks are already dropping acorns while they're still green.
  10. I didn't know whether to post this in this or the Coronavirus thread. Everything seems to be political nowadays so I chose this one. Good people are being pushed into a corner. Expect to see more of this as this plandemic continues. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jkHhbx42cGU
  11. I fold. I always heard Zoysia is pricey. Is that the stuff that you can mow really low to the ground?
  12. My Battlin' Billies now have to play a pissed off Texans team tomorrow. Thanks Lampasas, who we play for game 10.
  13. There's something about walking barefoot in a St Augustine yard. You take your chances in a Bermuda yard.
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