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  1. DSHS just did it again. Raised the total cases by 180 today. I guess Covid is getting the Biden bump. This is the biggest case of welfare fraud in the history of this country.
  2. Who is giving these guys such ridiculous advice? Herman? He knows he is toast.
  3. Fickell, he has seen how to run a program and has had time to think about his interim season at OSU. It has translated to success at Cincinnati. Fitzgerald has had too much political stuff happen under his watch at N'western Campbell has never won more than nine games in a season.
  4. He seemed to have his eyes down when going through the hole and tripped or stumbled far too often.
  5. Bye. I was never enamored with his running style.
  6. Dude, back away from the ledge. You remind me of a dog chasing his tail one direction and then the other. LOL Everything will be all right. Herman is gone at the very least.
  7. Seems RD is hellbent on killing the UT football program. He's put that in every post.
  8. Ingram is delusional if he thinks he even has a chance at a UFA deal. The rest other than Ossai aren't far behind. I wonder if CDC's stance on TEOT hasn't pushed them towards the door.
  9. And there's the problem in a nutshell, academia. Must be one of the professors that thinks TEOT is racist.
  10. Nothing against you SHA but that's ridiculous. Texas is just bidding against itself at that point. I'd rather UT hire a staff of nothing but NFL assistants and present itself as the collegiate version of IMG Academy.
  11. Are there any good men left with the gumption to stand up to this? Will it have to be people like us who don't register on the richter scale of politics to stand up against this usurpation of democracy? I intend to find like minded people in my county and see what we can do going forward.
  12. DSHS arbitrarily raised the number of diagnosed and active cases by 100 in Gillespie county. This is the second time in two months. Last time the increase was just short of 200. What a crock of sh!t

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