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  1. Safe assumption to say he will be the first committ of 2021?
  2. Is there any truth to troara getting negatively recruited by players currently on the roster?
  3. yeah, I Think Deshon and Holton flirt with it and see what happens.
  4. It isn't like this draft is loaded with DB like last years was. could get a 3rd round grade. Maybe enough for him to leave.
  5. If we have the season i expect in 2018-2019, I think this recruiting class trumps 2018.
  6. or connor shocks the world and comes back to win a natty
  7. This is the type of game, I want texas to win by 3 or 4 touchdowns. not at that point yet, hopefully we will get there.
  8. If you aren't gonna build the offence for Shane's strength, put the QB who best fits the offence. That isn;t Shane.
  9. Uhm... So i'm not saying this is Shane's fault, but how short is that leash?
  10. apparently Joshua Moore maybe transferring to IMG. wonder how this affects our chances. Also Malcolm Epps decommited from Alabama.
  11. I don't get Sheffield/His dad. Didn't he transfer mostly cause of Competition? tOSU is losing a lot of talent but they are about to bring in one of the most talented DB classes ever.

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