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  1. Me too. I don't have another decade to wander in the wilderness. At 60 I still care. At 70, I may not, you never know.
  2. Biggest issue Orlando had this year was not adjusting his D once we had injuries. When we had experienced corners last year we could blitz all the time and put our corners on an island. After the injuries this year we kept running the same blitzes but didn't have the experience to make it successful.
  3. Hard to know whether the pick was on Fields on the WR. WR cut off his route and Fields threw to a spot. One of the f'd up but hard to know which one.
  4. He gets Ingram, RJ, TW, and BR for starters. If I were an OC I'd feel like I won the lottery. Toughness, speed, receiving ability all covered.
  5. Zach Smith needs to get a life. #obsession
  6. We were #1 in the country on blocked kicks for about a decade there. Michael Griffin was a beast.
  7. That's the thing. Decision making should be able to be coached. Course you need a special teams coach to work with him.
  8. What about JWhitt as punt returner. I also wondered why Jamison couldn't return punts. He's got serious wheels.
  9. Says a lot about these kids that have stayed with their commitment in spirt of the uncertainty. BR could be a day one starter. Last 5* recruits at RB were Brown and Gray but neither of them had top end speed. BRs the total package and can't wait to see him on the field. With him and JWhitt we finally have some speed back there we haven't had since Charles.
  10. Garrett will be let go short of a super bowl appearance. And no way boys have the consistency for that. They might be able to get up for one game but they aren't winning 3 and they aren't beating the Saints in NO. Just not going to happen. So I'd be talking to Moore now. Not saying he's the one, but problem he Cowboys have is more their OLine is a shambles. Cowboys put up over 40 this week and Cooper only had one catch. How do I know. He's supposed to be my WR1 in fantasy.
  11. But the Texas job is not the Houston job. You have to be able to turn the O and D over in this job. Now GH may not have run what TH wants to run, but then why pursue him in the 1st place.
  12. GH must really not want to work for Herman or he can't make himself coach at Texas. At least our recruiting is good. Theirs is in the trash heap.
  13. As long as I don't see guys blitz from 10-15 yds back on every 3rd down I'll be happy. that alone will help out tremendously.
  14. It's gone on too long for it not to be Harrell. If he was staying he'd certainly of announced by now. You don't drag it out this long if you're staying. Just doesn't make sense. It doesn't take this long to make a decision.
  15. If he was serious about staying he'd of said so. Longer this draws out more I think he's leaving whether that's for us or waiting for a HC gig. Doesn't take this amount of time to announce a status quo decision.
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