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  1. Thank you all so much for the support. Instead of using GoFundMe, The University of Texas Longhorn Weightlifting Team will be using HornRaiser to raise money, which is UT's new platform for funding all student efforts that need support from Longhorns worldwide. As of tonight, we have received enough support for now in order to move on without asking for too much from UT supporters and loyalists. For now, we are focused on organization and over all legitimacy. Longhorn Nation is a true, real and incredible thing. Please be on the lookout for Longhorns lifting big weights in the future. My conta
  2. I can be reached via email at davidjstack@utexas.edu or by phone at 415-994-1348, for anyone interested in connecting. Otherwise, please enjoy the GoFundMe Campaign. Thanks for the support fellow Horns! https://www.gofundme.com/LonghornLifting
  3. Excuse my stupidity/ lack of including a link! Hook 'Em https://www.gofundme.com/LonghornLifting
  4. Longhorn Nation: Here at the University of Texas at Austin, a group of highly motivated, proud Longhorns are seeking to start an official University of Texas Longhorn Olympic Weightlifting Team that will compete for championships, nationally, internationally, and at the Olympics. UT has produced Olympians in Track and Field, Swimming and Diving, and has sent an astonishing number of first-class Longhorns into professional sports competition, world-wide. There is simply no earthly reason that the University of Texas at Austin should not DOMINATE Olympic Weightlifting. A donation would be g

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