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  1. I was a political science major, but I think that would be 3.5 ypc, but I get your point. Lol.
  2. Good luck in your future endeavors. Appreciate all your contributions to this site!
  3. From someone who is in attendance at the game tonight, Collins getting a lot of hugs and attention from the coaching staff. Seems to think he commited to the good guys. We'll see if any truth to it!
  4. Oh for sure, just don't see the point in bringing up Charlie. New season starts today, I rather look forward than back, but probably just me.
  5. Then why do people keep bringing them up? The man is gone. Horns are heading in the right direction. Can we enjoy that and let Charlie do his thing elsewhere?
  6. Really liked his tape and glad he committed. Thought others were priorities and we were going to miss out on this kid. Nice pick-up!!
  7. Him and Milton? I don't know about that one. Two 5 star RBs has hapenned before, but Evans isn't likely to share the spotlight. Evans recruitment is going to be a roller coaster ride til the end.
  8. Definitely not JC, but I understand the concept he was trying to convey. His film did remind me of Jonathan Gray in HS.
  9. JB, Just now seeing this post. This is just down the street from me. May join you and SHA.

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