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  1. I agree. Utah is a game away from making it into the CFP, which would be absolutely huge for their program. If I'm Scalley, I'm not going to devote a microsecond to negotiating about a possible position at another school, when one of the biggest games of my career (and my school's history) is coming up in less than a week. My guess is that there was a call to gauge interest, and Texas got a response of "go away, I'm busy".
  2. Have you heard anything about Mehringer? It sounds like he and the players have been butting heads all season. I would imagine he'd be in the first group to go, with Beck and Warehime.
  3. Oh good lord, you’re not a victim just because someone disagreed with you. I’d like to think that we’re all mature enough to handle discussion.
  4. Thanks for your clarification. That whole story didn’t make a lot of sense to begin with.
  5. I think the thinking had been that he was going to USC after Helton gets canned after the season. Now that Helton seems to have (at least temporarily) righted the ship, I don't know if that fear is as well-founded.
  6. It's gotta be Jake, then. Incredible. He's seen what LJH and Devin have done in the slot, and now he's the heir apparent. If he's homesick, then ok, fine. But I don't see why on earth he would consider leaving for football reasons. He's in line to be THE guy in 2020 and 2021 (and 2022 if he stays all 4 years). Is he really disliking UT that much that he would sit a year to play elsewhere? If he sticks with UT, he's probably the starting slot in 2020. If he transfers, he's sitting in 2020. I'm sure there's more going on behind the scenes, but from an outside perspective, it makes no sense.
  7. Collin seems to have caught his brother's injury bug this season.
  8. So you don’t think Ossai is one of the best underclassmen on the team? I mean sure, Cosmi is probably better in terms of being polished, but Ossai is damn consistent and looks like an emerging leader. I definitely stand by saying Ossai is one of the best underclassmen we have. Or did you think I was talking about Javonne?
  9. Holy crap. One of the best underclassmen on the team--and someone who is quickly becoming a leader on the defense--exchanging punches with one of the flakiest guys on the team? My goodness.
  10. They don't even have to spin it or anything. Just show them the game film and let it speak for itself.
  11. Rumor is that during the Kansas game, Princely had a snap that said something like he couldn't believe what he was watching, and that our defense was "ridiculous". Honestly, I can't say I blame him. I'm pretty sure I said way worse than that during the game.
  12. Orlando and Washington need to go. This is Tom's "Vance Bedford moment".
  13. I don't know if you guys are familiar with SP+. It's basically a model to rank teams' offense/defense/special teams, and it tries to normalize performance based on opponents played and a bunch of other metrics. I have my own complaints about SP+, and I certainly wouldn't read too much into the exact rankings, but in case anyone is curious here's how the Texas defense has been ranked in the past several years: 2019: 67th 2018: 44th 2017: 14th 2016: 50th 2015: 60th 2014: 12th 2013: 23rd 2012: 43rd So, SP+ indicates that our defense is about as good as it was in 2015-2016. Todd Orlando seems to be following the same trajectory (in terms of SP+ rankings) as Vance Bedford.
  14. TFB is reporting that the staff is bringing in 2020 RB Kevontre Bradford for the OU game. Any thoughts on what that's about? We already have 2 committed RBs and a pretty full class. Is the staff looking to bring in a 3rd RB this year?
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