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  1. 1. the team has no discipline 2. the defense is not very good 3. the Oline under Hand's guidance is not good. blocking scheme sucks. run the pistol or something
  2. I want it to be Ringo, but he is supposed to announce tomorrow at the Army All-America game so that's not NSD-2.
  3. Small thought but what's the point of using Roach out in space? Completely wasted spot/resource when they do that? Put him on the line to rush!
  4. I personally think that Hager video is gold for one showing how well the Texas media/graphics team is doing...to me it would be very eye catching for recruits...and two if that doesn't get your blood pumping with the roar at the end I don't know what will
  5. I dont watch MBB religiously at all but I've seen more than two games where foul trouble in OT games has cost us...no discipline...bamba better clean that up at the next level cuz it's worse there...I give their performance all year 4 thumbs down!!
  6. Man just by seeing ojomo's OU tweet pic I'd say he should be a priority..he looks like he could play early
  7. Speaking of freshman and sophomores it's too bad we don't get those big body types like bama does as freshman
  8. Georgias qb may be a freshman but he looks grown...he is definitely a play with the big boys body type...I agree that you need juniors and seniors to provide both leadership and have the maturity along with body type...can't rely constantly on skinny freshman and sophomores...would be nice to have Malik and hill for another yr for their senior leadership and simply cuz I don't think they are elite nfl ready quite yet
  9. I think lil-Jordan can be that guy...he has playmaker written all over him imo...whether Colin Johnson is being utilized correctly or not he has disappointed me so far and I had high hopes
  10. Having a good year doesn’t automatically mean ready to be in the nfl..just don’t think he was quite ready to be in the nfl along with hill or even Malik quite yet...everyone wants to just get their money...and I hate watching all freshman and sophomores on the playing field as well
  11. I can’t wait for dmac’s meltdown at the end of this...so much I will probably agree with...no sugar coating

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