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  1. Did I hear that Sam was the only player to stay for the “Eyes” after the game? I hope I’m wrong.
  2. Did MLK or even any of the peaceful protesters in the day ever use such foul language? All these speakers I hear drop f-bombs every other word. Stay classy.
  3. Kate is for 4* and 5* commits. But by no means is there anything wrong with Hali. Big fan of Swordfish as well.
  4. Of course we are, it’s my birthday. My gift to you!
  5. Anyone notice that Morgan Scalley, DC for Utah and I believe our first choice to replace Orlando, is now suspended, for using a racial slur in 2013. Dodged a bullet there.
  6. Is it just me or is everyone’s liquor cabinet emptying out quicker these days?
  7. In many aspects. Replay I believe also handled badly-took far too long, the whole weekend.
  8. That was a bs called strike to end the game. Took the bat out of Duke’s hands with that call. Good weekend series though. I think it shows we can hang with anyone, but still work needs to be done.

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