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  1. If he’s planning on hiring someone this afternoon he’s “excited” about then I doubt they were runner up to Mikey. Sark might have needed to sweeten the pot for who he really wanted and was needing some extra $$. He floats the next choice (Mike) out there and suddenly they found some more money to get who he originally wanted.
  2. More like a terroristic threat. Whoever threw that out there is the type who yells “Bomb” on an airplane. That’s a good way to earn a figure-four leg lock
  3. OMG, When I saw that this morning I KNEW Sark was drinking again and I was going to be forced to join him.
  4. Coach Mike (I will never refer to him by his last name) could land the top 4 LB recruits in the country every year, have them all get drafted in the 1st round, everyone could refer to us as LBU and I still will vomit at the thought of him wearing burnt orange or throwing horns up.
  5. Has Abiara kept his nose clean? I read he had an run in with the a while back.
  6. I’m afraid if that is used as a determination for hiring people it would severely limit our choices. It’s rare for an alcoholic to practice monogamy in their drinking partner relationships. The only person that will cause Coach Sark to resume that behavior is Steve Sarkisian. I trust Sark will handle his illness appropriately.
  7. Sark’s team record at Washington seems pedestrian, 34-29 (35 counting the bowl game he didn’t coach) until you look at Washington’s record the five years prior to his arrival, 12-47. Took an 0-12 to 5-7 his first year. I’ll take five more wins next year. 12-3 would be a good start for Sark.
  8. I like what he’s done with Leach 2014 -13 Avg 31 2015- 10 Avg 31 2016- 17 Avg 38 2017- 14 Avg 30 2018- 15 Avg 37 2019- 13 Avg 37
  9. Darrell Royal (some say he was a pretty good coach) once said “it’s not the X’s and the O’s but the Jimmy’s and the Joe’s” if the other team can’t block or tackle your guys you will win. I’ve been waiting for a staff that can get the players and teach them. We both might be getting what we’ve been waiting on for so long
  10. These staff hires tell me two things. We are finally acting like the wealthiest athletic program in the country instead of just talking about it. If Sark can put this quality of a staff together it’s obvious his coaching peers believe he’s a dude. Kid’s don’t want to play for pretenders (I won’t mention any names) if the coaches believe in him the kids will too.
  11. Worthy isn’t enrolling early but he has already signed with Michigan. Not sure why it’s news for us that he won’t enroll early.
  12. If he can get us some of those big Samoan kids we would be in business. f
  13. When I first looked at it I thought it seemed “gimmicky” but as I looked at what they do from a personnel standpoint it’s pretty solid. Two big/athletic DT’s. One OLB/DE that sets the edge and rushes the passer. One OLB/DE that is speedy to rush or drop in coverage. Two traditional ILB’s to “seek and destroy” and 5 DB’s who cover, run support or blitz. With our current DT’s size and athletic ability you are almost requiring a double team inside at worst the center and both guards have their hands full. Everyone else is one on one blocking. If we have any edge rushing from our OLB’s we should
  14. Coach K seems to run a base 2-2-2-5 (nickel) defense similar to what Gary Patterson runs. Two DT, two OLB/DE, two ILB’s and 5 DB’s. Very interesting defensive philosophy and very Sark like in terms of innovation.
  15. #1. Bama doesn’t have a DC vacancy. #2. Bama won’t pay him $2.5 million.
  16. If we get Lanning our staff will be ridiculously good. I promised myself I wouldn’t let the Horn’s break my heart again but I’m flirting with that filthy four letter word, “HOPE”.
  17. Yes, Ash’s base was a 4-2-5. I prefer a 4 man front and I believe the 4-2-5 is probably the best defense vs the spread of any with 4 down linemen. My absolute favorite defense is the 46 or “Bear” that Buddy Ryan made famous. The problem with running it in college, especially today, is the spread offense. Even before the spread you had to have 2 lockdown corners for it to work. In my opinion the 46 puts the most pressure on the offense. It is pin your ears back, get up field, attack mode.
  18. It seems we are interested in everyone. I do like his base 4-2-5 defense.
  19. They both run a base 3-3-5. You can line the DE inside, outside, or head up. Personnel wise you better have good LB’s and lock down corners. I’m a believer in taking away time and space with your defense. I just feel having four 280 lbs cats up front applying pressure causes more problems than 200 lbs DB’s blitzing. Occupy the 5 O -lineman and QB’s get nervous. I’m sure the 3-3-5 works but it hasn’t for us.
  20. I’d love to see how a 3-3-5 could be aligned differently I don’t care where they dial up pressure from I want 4 big guys with their hand in the dirt. If that’s how Arnett aligns his 3-3-5 I’ll be fine.
  21. Turned down more money to feed his ego. Mark my words he will flop in the NFL. Sark seems genuinely thankful for the opportunity so Meyer can suck it!

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