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  1. Back in the mid fifties there was an all American RB at TCU named Jim Swink. I remember people would say that, although he was fast, what made him so good was he seemed to be able to run as fast sideways as he could forward. I think about that every time I watch Robinson. His lateral movement is unreal.
  2. Is this the dude they are talking about?
  3. I’m not buying Georgia (Kirby Smart) suddenly choosing character over talent and pulling the offer. This has to be an academic issue. If Evans doesn’t qualify at Georgia he doesn’t qualify at A&M. This kid has a Marcus Dupree 30 for 30 in his future. “The greatest that never was 2.0”
  4. If Mehringer would have been retained then Smith would definitely have left (possibly several receivers from what I’ve heard). I believe with the season over the staff will make a conscious effort to repair some of the damage Mehringer caused and Jake will be a priority
  5. I will be interested in seeing the QB from Houston Madison. He seems like he could be a special player.
  6. Mental Intelligence and Emotional intelligence are vastly different. Tommy may have a high IQ but he has the maturity of an intolerable 9 year old boy. He is in desperate need of an ass whipping (literally)
  7. Hiring Horny is fine becoming Horny after being hired is a BIG NO NO. Sorry I couldn’t resist
  8. I’m glad they are still together and hopefully Major learned from his mistake. Regardless of the personal life aspect when a “supervisor” has relations with a “subordinate” the entire organization is put at risk of severe legal ramifications. I would be willing to bet there is a written document signed by Major and the University that states he is not eligible for future employment. As they say “it isn’t personal it’s just business”.
  9. I don’t believe the OC job was offered to Harrell. Herman is not going to change his offense, Period. Of course it’s way more important to have “Alignment” than a good offense.
  10. How often has this strategy worked for us? The seat gets hot, HC fires the coordinators to save himself, a couple of years later the HC is fired. It seems to be a slippery slope when hiring new assistants in this situation. It’s hard to convince good coaches to enter a volatile situation.
  11. This isn’t a coaching change and I’m not sure if it’s been mentioned anywhere but prior to the Baylor game Brennan Eagles and Caden Sterns announced in one of their classes that they were going to enter the transfer portal. It may have been for attention but it was definitely said.
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