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  1. Dude, you’re killing me. There is nothing new to report. The parameters of the deal are agreeable to both sides. UM is putting feelers out for staffing in a “what if” scenario. It’s been rumored that he’s meeting with his family possibly in Austin very soon. Now the attention is focused on Herman and how the separation will be handled. He’s known it was coming but they have to work out the details and that is something for both sides attorney’s to figure out. This stuff takes time. Neither UM or The University wants it all broadcast during this stage. Read or listen closely to what th
  2. He will be officially let go before anyone is officially hired. BTW, if you look at where we stand with our next couple of recruiting classes it will ease your worry about Herman recruiting. If he wasn’t doing it before he’s definitely not doing it now.
  3. It’s more like some people are hoping Texas fans will have a bad day. I’ve got a screen shot of something UM said late last night. I was wanting to wait until the situation became a little clearer but for some reason, probably because high hopes have been met with tremendous failure so often lately, lots of folks are to afraid to believe this deal could get done. All I can say is be patient and Don’t stop believing
  4. The money he will be making needs to have as many responsibilities as possible. Looking back at the last 10 years we obviously need someone else making the football decisions.
  5. At this point UM’s decision is not about the money. He is trying to decide if he’s ready to get back on the sideline. We are willing to bump it higher to help him “be ready”. I am confident things are moving in a positive direction. I guarantee if UM is coaching next season it will be at Texas, our folks have made sure there is no competition.
  6. The only way $9 mill is accurate is if the current incentive is for $3 mill per year for taking the position. He declined $10 Mill a year and is considering $12 Mill. I sense the two sides are negotiating a few other things on UM’s “list of demands” and we will end up with 4 or 5 staff that he insists on bringing in and the current staff can interview for a position if they choose. Ash will be the DC for certain. When the contract is signed (Within 5 days after the Kansas game) UM will get $12-$13 mill a year in salary plus benefits. Chris Ash will coach the Bowl Game and TH will be unemployed
  7. I’ve noticed something over the years, no one has plenty of money. We may think they do but they somehow find the need for more. I don’t think we are going to take no for an answer from UM. I’m sure he will squeeze all he can but in the end we will get him and he will be the highest paid coach by a mile. I’m sure other head coaches are hoping it happens too since it will raise the market price.
  8. Um, I love the kid to death but regardless of the reason Cosmi is most definitely quitting if he doesn’t play the last two games.
  9. Is there a difference in Hearsay or Truth before it’s official? $12-13 mill had the deal done. You keep saying the boosters cost us Saban or will cost us UM. Are you under the impression that guys like them or Dabo actually turn in a resume and fill out an application? Do you think the interview committee starts with a group of 5-8 good candidates and during the process Nick Saban separates himself from the pack? There are conversations, assurances, and parameters agreed upon before everything is publicized. Someone has to have those meetings and often times they are not on the Unive
  10. They were also the reason Saban was set to take the job and they will be the reason Urban Meyer comes. The University and Athletic program cannot do the work behind the scenes or spend the money required to buy out Herman and pay a top coach. Our boosters are definitely more involved than at some schools but when someone pours several million dollars in to an organization they are allowed, whether you agree or not, a little more latitude. By the way Saban got a bump at Bama but it paled in comparison to what he would have received from Texas. The number that was floating around was $10 mill a

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