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  1. We have played seven games and these same issues have been there all year. I assume if it could all be fixed it would be by now or at least shown some improvement. I don’t doubt things could. be fixed but I do doubt this staffs ability to fix them.
  2. Absolutely awful. Orlando is a joke Worst past defense in the history of ever and we get zero pressure on the QB. We will never win with him as the DC
  3. If ESPN is using the information in their recruiting profile to rank players I’m surprised he’s 22. Either the 4.77 forty time is old or he takes “deceptive speed” to a whole new level
  4. What have they been doing at practice? If this caused the issue they obviously limited blocking, pass catching, receiver coverage, kickoff returning and pass rushing. I doubt they worked on game planning, play calling, or in game adjustments. Maybe during their position practice time they played duck, duck, goose or red rover. Did they spend film session time playing quiet water still water or heads up seven up? Apparently during team sessions they were brainstorming ideas for lame excuses. I’m gonna play pin the tail on the donkey. The game plan sucked, execution was awful on both sides of the ball, and our players got bitch slapped and walked away. Coach Herman did not have this team ready to play.
  5. I don’t know why this thread is still going but oh well. Having never witnessed the “bloody Tuesday” practice I’m totally speculating but I shall speculate nonetheless. Nowadays QB’s wear little shirts in practice to remind people not to hit them. In the good old days if you were on the practice field you were open game. Nowadays we have charts by the urinal and mandates that players walk around with jugs of water to stay hydrated. No telling how many water breaks at practice. In the good old days you took a fistful of salt tabs before practices and you got ONE water break. You took a knee with your helmet on until it was your turn to get the ONE 6oz paper cup almost filled with water. You were lucky if there wasn’t a bug or a little dirt in it. Once you got it you went back, took a knee, and could take your helmet off and hold it while you sipped the most glorious water you’ve ever tasted bug and all because it was all you would get. I bet they don’t run through the chute, go a little bull in the ring session, or my all time favorite utilize “sic em dogs”. This was 2 or 3 guys who didn’t play much because they weren’t very talented but coach kept them around because they were mean SOB’s. They would spend their time standing close to coach so he could teach what he considered the most important life lesson. If the coach thought someone was not giving good effort, making too many mistakes, or just needed a gut check he would quietly say a players name to his little minions and they would take off like a torpedo, usually from behind or blind side, and knock the ever loving shit out of you. (That is the absolute truth) If they caught you off guard all you could hear while laying on the ground with your head ringing was “KEEP YOUR HEAD ON A SWIVEL!” Bloody Tuesday sounds really scary but I figure it’s not near as terrible as it sounds. It’s definitely not causing our players to get hurt on game days. My gosh it’s against the rules to spear (hit with the crown) today. Were raising a bunch of babies. That’s the problem
  6. We should be pushing our light ability to every CB recruit
  7. Defense played poorly, as we’ve been accustomed to seeing this year but opportunistic. The offense gave this game away. From play calls to player execution they sucked. Line was pathetic, Ingram...I guess he’s just not the player I thought. He brings nothing to the table. Duvernay had his head up his ass. He literally muffed the kickoff returns in every way imaginable. Eagles dropped a couple of big play, possible TD passes, I guess Collin Johnson played more than 5 or 6 snaps but that’s all I recall. He’s awfully big to disappear but he did. With all that said we will still run the table and rematch in Big 12 championship. It sucks because all we can do now is play spoiler.
  8. Duvernay has been a total shit show on returns. This whole game is awful.
  9. Do you know why it’s difficult to solve criminal cases in Oklahoma? Because DNA samples are useless.
  10. Ingram needs to get it together or our 3rd stringer QB is going to be our 1st string RB.
  11. I bet you are right but I’m sure there is some chop licking happening by our Offense as well, OU’s D is pitiful. PC or not this will be a Red River Shoot Out.
  12. I don’t care what order the RB’s are currently listed by the recruiting services. This kid is as good or better than Z Evans on the field and his mind set gives him a much higher ceiling. IMHO we’ve got the best back in the country headed our way.
  13. This kid is a beast! Feet and nasty disposition.
  14. I noticed Sterns was slow to get up the play before he went out. He was limping a little but seemed to try and walk it off. I love Brandon Jones and after the punt goof I could tell he didn’t want to get up from the ground. Nobody felt worse than he did at that moment. IF he is on the field to return another punt I guarantee he will never try that again. Ok St should have never gotten their offense on the field their last 3 possessions without us scoring. For a guy as aggressive as Herman is in the course of a game he gets too conservative when we have a lead in the 4th. That has to stop.
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