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  1. lovin' the disrespect...on my way home from work this morning caught part of one of the SiriusXM sports shows...ESPN channel I believe. Don't remember who the host was but he had that Brock Huard guy on. Huard was asked about the aggy Clemson and LSU Texas games...started talking up aggy and jimbo and couldn't wait to see what they came up with for Clemson...yada, yada, yada...then turned to our game...talked exclusively about LSU's new offense and their QB, some about their defense...the word 'Texas' was only mentioned once, in passing
  2. Had Okie State on the bus up here for the game against the Beavers...did not know that Lorenzo Joe is in his first year on their coaching staff. Super nice kid...he's pumped for the game today too
  3. I know we never get the full story on these things, but I thought Austin being too far from home was a factor in him leaving?, Now he's at Syracuse?
  4. right across the street they did
  5. on a related/unrelated note... took a high school group to LA last week, went looking for a grocery store and stumbled upon this place
  6. Apparently they are without a S & C coach right now...read it somewhere in this past week ...maybe they hadn't started the conditioning work outs yet and Bru was disappointed when he showed up and that was the case
  7. I saw a tweet pic of him and Casey Thompson already getting work in...I'm shocked, as Bru was apparently, that USC didn't even have any off season conditioning stuff lined up for the players
  8. yep...was just trying to explain to the wife the excitement of the crootin season
  9. what is the significance of Jan. 5th? and should I be getting my hopes up again?
  10. Been rooting for him to become a force back there, but has not been able to put it all together yet, partly because of injuries. Hopefully, his SR year can be the one
  11. can't believe Jones would get a very high draft grade...does he just want out or what?
  12. i thought it looked bad, but then saw him back in the game later...that was a relief. I think Herman said in the post game that it was a knee contusion
  13. yeah, I have no way of knowing myself either...I rely on others to point out that kind of stuff...all I know is I'm still pissed it happened
  14. it was pointed out in another post by someone that it was actually Graham that messed up and lost contain while McCulloch went to the correct spot
  15. still don't have confidence we would figure out how to use him...I could see him getting maybe two well-telegraphed jet sweeps per game, both for a loss
  16. thank you kind sir...I looked but couldn't find it. Did it just get posted?
  17. Anybody know when the full game is normally up on youtube? My recording stopped with 3:28 left
  18. may have already been mentioned but Ingram's blocking on Sam's TD runs and BJ Foster sacrificing his body on that blitz and getting the sack really stood out to me...true freshmen...and neither got noticed by the TV announcers ...so glad the D took away " HOLLYWOOD!!!" for most of the game, you could tell they (announcers) went in with the intent of making him a star
  19. isn't it nice to say that and be referring to the burglars for a change?
  20. apparently, at least one defensive starter threatened to quit at halftime
  21. Duane Akina, straight off the field last night after Stanford's crazy OT win against the Ducks...sees me and exclaims excitedly..." how about our Horns!!"

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