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  1. This is the craziest most insane thing that I’ve ever seen in all my years on planet earf. This is must’ve been what it felt like to have been a disciple when Jesus resurrected and they started to piece everything together and they realized all of the times that he forshawded it earlier. Man this is crazy. I feel sorry for football fans who don’t follow recruiting. It’s their loss!!
  2. You can definitely do worse than Noah Cain, he has a higher ceiling than Ingram in my opinion. Now it’s time to go balls deep for Zachary that dude takes us to the CFB playoffs
  3. I believe it’s at like 10:45 or something
  4. On a positive note, looks like Cain to UT crystal balls starting to pour in props to you, u called that yesterday. I do have a credible source saying that UT was expecting to get sanders just a couple of days ago though. That’s a fact. Things just didn’t play out in the end.
  5. Just a gut feeling? Things on Cain have been trending Penn State
  6. The kid is truly torn from what I’ve been told. I honestly don’t know. As of Saturday night, he was Texas. I’m sure that will get reported once the dust settles as Daniel would say.
  7. I’m no recruiting expert but I’d say the chances are like when a meteorologist says it’s gonna rain tomorrow. Everything appears that way but the weather is unpredictable.
  8. Yes. He’s set to announce on Wednesday. Like I said take it with a grain of salt because recruiting is very fluid. But I was told yesterday that he was heading to Austin. This is the same guy that told me Pat Hudson was coming but he’s also the same guy that said Todd Dodge was a done deal so like I said just take it with a grain of salt but I believe him.
  9. Also I’ve been hearing some good things on the Catalon front, Daniel care to chime in?
  10. Imagine a WR haul of Bru, Smith, Higgins, Washington. That’s bad to the bone
  11. Thank you for this. I made all conference, we had our first losing record in forever but that was because our all American q.b got hurt in week two.
  12. Is anyone still here from 2016? Don’t you guys remember how fun it was just hitting reload on this thread all day everyday? Lol good times
  13. I’ve been wrong before and I would hate to get you guys all riled up and disappointed, but I have a credible source that says we are landing a certain 5 star player
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