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  1. Don't know if this is true - I saw it on another site. 24 points on 4 possessions when Bijan touched the ball. 0 points on 5 possessions where Bijan didn't touch the ball. Give Bijan the ball on every possession!
  2. Hopefully we'll see more of Bijan especially now that Sam is out.
  3. They're not wrong. Coaches are stupid if Bijan had 6 touches for 90 yards and 2 TDs then didn't touch it again on the next 6 possessions.
  4. Nope don't score. It guarantees the win and doesn't risk any defenders getting hurt in the hurry up offense that Baylor was going to be in. Still a lot of football to go, take the W and move on. But until you can take a knee and run the clock out, pound them like a cheap hooker.
  5. Did Jimbo have to give back his fake, dateless national championship trophy aggy gave him?
  6. I liked that Yurcich talked about calling plays that match the players strengths and trying to get mis-matches. Seems like in the past it was needing to call based on a system and take what was given.
  7. Back to back top 5 classes and a current top 10 class with room to add more sounds pretty elite to me. As many complaints as I have about how Herman is slow playing the hiring process, recruiting isn't one of them. That is unless he's slow playing it so that he can have Carrington and Hand on the road recruiting those they already have built relationships with, I may not have issue with the slow play. Otherwise it looks like a lot of the offensive plays this year, slow to develop.
  8. No he wasn't listed on the depth chart. He was on the practice squad while waiting on being eligible. Had to be with the program two full semesters to be eligible. Supposedly he impressed the coaches a lot while running scout team offenses.
  9. That's what I've been thinking. Let conf championship and bowl talk wind down then make the announcement. Would get a lot of airtime about the hires 1 week before NSD1. Could give some great momentum in the final week
  10. I think Herman is waiting until Monday or Tuesday to announce. ou sucks has headlines for winning today, tomorrow selection Sunday for bowls. Then announce on Monday or Tuesday so all that is old news and everyone is talking about the hire going into last week before NSD1. Or that's what I would do if I was in his shoes.
  11. Delayed blitz still not working but still forced another punt. Need a TD here to make it a 2 possession game.
  12. The delayed blitz from 15-20 yards away isn't working but they keep running it.
  13. Offense started slow but finally gets in the end zone. Need defense to hold here
  14. Why? Defense is our weakness. Why put them on the field first when you have a choice?
  15. Damn the sport has changed a lot. OL and DL/LB exchanging blows was a good hard practice in my day. Good luck to Shepard. Hope he gets past this wherever he ends up. Hate to see someone with the physical attributes lose a great opportunity.

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