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  1. Not every game for even a great team is perfect. I remember a game against Kansas in 2005 when Texas definitely was Texas. I’m not sure if we are back. But I think at least the fat lady has begun her scales.
  2. They are playing Penn State this weekend. Penn State is having their fans wear white to the stadium for a white out. OSU used the same tweet two years ago for the same game and white out. Basically the tweet is saying beat Penn State. Urban may be an ass... but at some point everything shouldn’t have to be put through a filter.
  3. But the stress is so much better than what I have been feeling for the last few years playing TCU.
  4. Guess I’m just delusional but every game Texas plays when we’re undefeated I feel good. That feeling just hasn’t lasted very long the last few years.
  5. If you remember Mike Leach’s case, a state school basically gets to define cause and it sticks. Jimbo maybe should have done some due diligence. I miss the Pirate.
  6. No. If Fisher works one year, he gets that year's $7.5MM salary.
  7. Have all the ags gone delusional. I know, I know it goes with being a fan of a&m but... I really like the hiring of Tom Herman but I won’t believe he’s the second coming of Mack Brown until he starts winning 10 games a season and I won’t believe he’s the second coming of Darrel Royal, well ever. Cause if he wins multiple championships he’ll just be the first “Tom Herman”.
  8. It had to be the short 400 mile drive from Nashville to Columbus. It couldn't possibly be that the Ohio State program is better than SEC University (read A&M).
  9. It’s not “sheep wrangling”. It’s animal husbandry.
  10. Plus there's a football season before signing day...
  11. What was Saban’s record first year at Alabama? He was 7-6. He started out gang busters then fell back down to earth. You gotta expect that after 7 years of mediocrity it would take longer than 11 months to change course.
  12. Prior to WWII, the Naval Academy was graduating 425 officers a year. West Point was graduating approximately the same number of officers. At the peak of WWII there was a total of more than 12,000,000 people serving in all branches of the military roughly 10% - 15% were officers. 56% of all eligible men were serving in the military. I would venture to guess that there was more than one school that could make the claim that they produced more officers than the service academies combined. I'm sure UT did as 56% of all eligible men were serving.
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